ASB Mobile Banking app

Keep an eye on your transactions and pay your bills on the go with the ASB Mobile Banking app. It's fast, safe and easy. Download now from the app stores.

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Benefits of banking on the go

  • Manage your money anytime, anywhere

    It's like having the bank in your pocket. Check your balance and statements 24/7 and transfer money between accounts in real time.

  • Get Alerts to stay on top of your banking

    Easily set up push notifications through the app to keep track of things like your bank balance, when your credit card payment is due or when a payment fails.

  • Lock your card if you misplace it

    Put a temporary lock on your card using Card Control in the app. If you find your card again, you can unlock it and you're good to go.

  • Bank safely and securely

    Keeping your money and privacy secure is extremely important to us. From detecting unusual transactions on your account to security features like two-step verification, we've got you covered.

What can you do on the app?

Save money without even thinking about it

Save as you spend with Save the Change. We automatically round up your electronic transactions and put the difference into a savings account you choose. You can also choose to donate your change, in addition to saving it.

Reset your online banking password

The simplest and fastest way to reset your online banking password is via the ASB Mobile Banking app. Watch the how-to video to learn how.

Stay on top of your banking with alerts

Alerts notify you when your account goes into overdraft to avoid fees, when your credit card payment is due or when an automatic payment or bill payment may fail due to insufficient funds (excludes IRD payments and direct debits as these are controlled externally, not by ASB). Find out how to set up your alerts here.

Keep your personal profile up to date

Mail still going to your old house? Update your contact details on the app. We'll be able to contact you easily and it allows us to address you in the way you prefer. You can also update your password and customise your security settings. 

Pay someone back on the spot

Next time you want to pay your friend back, use the app! Simply pay them back with Pay to Mobile/Email. You don't even need their bank account number - just a mobile number or email address (the app cleverly links with your phone's address book).

Pay a Trade Me seller with ease

The ASB Mobile Banking app makes it simple to pay for your latest Trade Me treasure. Register your Trade Me account on the app and you'll be able to check out the auctions you've won and pay traders directly.

Personalise your app and accounts

Choose between light or dark mode for your app, add nicknames to your accounts, change the order your accounts are displayed, and choose from our fun photo library to personalise your banking experience. Simply go to 'Settings' and choose 'Personalise'.

Handy tips to make the most of your app

Share your account number

No more typing numbers! Share your bank account number straight from the app. Just select the account, tap the 'Share' icon, then you can paste it into your favourite messaging app.

Edit automatic payments (APs)

Always stay on top of your ongoing payments, and view, edit or delete your automatic payments on the go.

Hide that savings account

You can hide selected accounts so they're not visible in the ASB Mobile Banking app. Just log in to FastNet Classic internet banking, select your name in the top right hand corner then choose 'Hide or Show accounts' from the list.

See your upcoming payments

Keep on top of your scheduled bill payments and automatic payments by checking Payments > View Upcoming Payments, grouped by date or account.

New phone? Remove old devices

If you've changed numbers, we want to ensure that your banking remains safe and secure. Changing the mobile number your app is linked to is important for features like Pay to Mobile. Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking and go to 'Mobile Banking' to update your registered devices.

Set up quick balance

Need to check your balance while at the checkout? Just open the ASB Mobile Banking app and tap on the Quick Balance tab. You'll instantly see the balance of up to three of your selected accounts, no login needed. Go to 'Settings' and select 'General' to set which accounts you'd like displayed.

Control your Visa cards

With Card Control on the ASB Mobile Banking app you can take charge of your cards from anywhere. Put a temporary lock on your card if you misplace it, change the PIN number, limit the type of transactions it can make and much more. 

Open an account or apply for a loan

Just seen the perfect house while out and about? Apply for a home loan there and then using the ASB Mobile Banking app. You can also open an account or apply for a personal loan. It's easy. ASB's terms and lending criteria apply.

Pay your ASB credit card

Making a payment to your credit card is easy - in the app, select your card and choose the minimum payment, full amount owing or something in between. Then choose the account to pay from and you're done.

Keep on top of things with Dashboard

If you have an ASB home loan, an ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account or other ASB savings, investment or insurance products, you can view and manage these products in your Dashboard. Get information at a glance or click on each tile to manage these products via Home Central, Wealth Central or Insurance Central.

Access ASB on your Apple Watch or Android Wear

Managing your ASB accounts can now be as simple as checking the time on your Apple Watch or Android Wear. View selected account balances or transfer money between accounts and more.

Stay informed with Alerts

Life is so busy these days it's easy to forget that your bank balance is starting to run low, or that your automatic payment will fail because there aren't enough funds in your account. Set up Alerts and we'll contact you if your balance goes above or below a limit you set. That way, you can stay on top of your money at all times.

Keep safe with two-step verification

Two-step verification helps protect your account from unauthorised activity. You can verify your online logins with a simple tap in the ASB Mobile Banking app. Download the latest version of the ASB Mobile Banking app to get started.

Find a branch or ATM

With our easy-to-access map and GPS, find your nearest branch or ATM via the app. You can apply filters to find ATMs with deposit capability, or branches with a change dispensing machine.

Get started today

1. Check

You’ll need to be an ASB customer and signed up for FastNet Classic internet banking to use the ASB Mobile app.

2. Download

Get the ASB Mobile app for your iPhone or Android Smartphone phone.

3. Sign in

Open the ASB Mobile app and sign in using your FastNet Classic username and password.

4. Customise

Set up the ASB Mobile app the way you want it, with your customised log in and the three accounts you want to see in Quick Balance.

How to guides

New to internet banking? We want to make sure you feel confident and secure while banking online. Check out our step-by-step guides to help you get started with banking on your computer, phone or tablet.

Find out more

We're here to help you

ASB's terms apply. To use the ASB Mobile app, you need to be registered for FastNet Classic (ASB internet banking). Please call 0800 MOB BANK (0800 662 226) to register for either. It's free to use the ASB Mobile app, but your usual data costs and standard FastNet Classic transaction and service charges will apply.

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