Save the Change

Save money as you spend with Save the Change. We automatically round up your electronic transactions and put the difference into a savings account you choose.

Benefits at a glance

  • Saving is automatic so there's no need to think about it
  • Save a little or a lot - round up to the nearest $1, $2, $5 or $10
  • You're in control - turn Save the Change on or off at any time
  • Set-up is quick and easy, using the ASB Mobile app or FastNet Classic internet banking

How it works

Choose how much you'd like to save

You choose how much change you'd like to save, rounded up to the nearest $1, $2, $5 or $10. Then whenever you use your EFTPOS card and/or your Visa Debit card, or make an electronic payment, the difference between the purchase price and the rounding amount will be deposited straight into a savings account of your choice.

Choose your accounts

You choose which everyday account you'd like your payments made from, as well as the savings account(s) you'd like your change deposited into. You can have up to 10 savings accounts and they can be in your name or someone else's.

Choose the type of electronic transaction

You also choose which payment type you'd like Save the Change linked to - either EFTPOS and/or Visa Debit card payments on their own, or EFTPOS and/or Visa Debit card as well as other payment types such as direct debits and automatic payments (Save the Change is not available with credit card or online transactions).

You're in control

You have full control of Save the Change through the ASB Mobile app or FastNet Classic internet banking.Turn Save the Change on or off, change your rounding amounts, update your payment type, and change the accounts linked to Save the Change any time.



Every time you use your EFTPOS card or make an electronic payment, we’ll round up the difference (your change).


So if you purchase a new t-shirt for $32.50...


And your Save the Change is $2...


ASB will then transfer $1.50 into your specified ASB savings account.

It's easy, get started today


You'll need an eligible ASB transaction account to use Save the Change. If you don't have one, open an account now in FastNet Classic internet banking.

Sign up

ASB Mobile app – Log in and select the transaction account you would like to Save the Change from.  On your 'Account summary', select 'Save the change setup' under 'More options'. Follow the prompts to set up your ‘Save the Change’.

Log in to FastNet Classic, click on 'menu', then 'Financial Wellbeing' and then 'Save the Change'. Click on 'Set up Save the Change'.

if you're already a FastNet Classic customer, you can use Track my Spending and My Allowances right now simply by logging in, clicking on 'menu' and choosing 'Financial Wellbeing'.

Set up

Choose your transaction account, payment type, rounding amount and savings account(s), accept the terms and conditions then hit 'Continue'.


Then whenever you use your EFTPOS, Visa Debit card, or make an electronic payment, you'll be saving your change instantly

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