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Make everyday banking easier with a range of accounts and digital banking options.

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Everyday banking accounts

Whether you call it a current or transaction account, we have a range of everyday accounts to suit your banking needs and stage in life. Together with FastNet Classic internet banking and ASB's Mobile Banking app, you can bank anywhere, any time. 

  • If you're wanting a joint account, the best option is to come and see us in branch.
  • Already an ASB customer? Great! You can change or apply for new accounts through internet banking, just log in at the top right hand corner.

ASB ID app

If you're new to ASB, or we've asked for proof of ID, you can now use our ASB ID app. It reads your current eligible e-passport, takes a scan of your face selfie-style, and could save you a trip to a branch.

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Choose the right everyday account

Everyday bank account

Our Streamline account is an everyday bank account with no electronic transaction fees and an everyday Visa Debit card - great for those who like to bank on the go.

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Graduate package

Get your career off to a great start with a bank account designed with graduates in mind.

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Student package

A package for students and apprentices, with no base or transaction fees, free fries from McDonald's® and more.

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Open an all-in-one account for those under 18 years old. It earns interest and has no transaction or monthly fees.

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Job starter's package

If you're 18-20 and heading into the workforce, the Job starter’s package is here to help. With benefits such as no transaction or base fees for two years.

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Looking to add a savings account as part of your everyday banking?

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Terms and conditions apply. Rates and fees may apply.

Need a savings account?

Savings On Call

A savings account where your money's on call, giving you access to your savings, while still earning interest.

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Savings Plus

A savings account that rewards you for limiting your withdrawals - great for those who are saving for the long term.

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A savings account where every dollar earns the same interest rate - great for those with smaller balances.

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Banking that suits you

Joining is easy

Join ASB online! If you need more help with moving payments to your new ASB bank account, our switching team can help get you set up.

Cards for everyday banking

Whether you need an EFTPOS card, an ASB Visa Debit card or an ASB Visa Credit card, we've got a range of cards to suit whatever age and stage you're at. 

Banking at your fingertips

Open accounts, check balances, transfer funds or make payments anytime with FastNet Classic internet banking and the ASB Mobile app.

More ways to pay

If you don't like carrying cash or cards, you can also pay for purchases using the ASB Mobile app, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay.


Joining ASB is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Start

Joining has never been easier. Get things started and open an everyday account online in minutes.

2. Activate

Confirm your identity with the ASB ID app from anywhere. Or visit your local branch with acceptable ID and proof of your address.

3. Set up

We'll set you up with FastNet Classic internet banking. You can then download the ASB Mobile Banking app to bank on the go.

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Moving to New Zealand

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Starting a business

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