Helping kids get cash clever since way back

We've been helping kids for generations, teaching them how to manage money, how to reach their savings goals and more.

Kid's bank account ASB GetWise

How we've helped kids with their banking

We started supporting kids in 1875 with Penny Bank Accounts, then school banking came along in 1927. For decades we gave kids free Kashin elephant moneyboxes, starting in 1964. GetWise in schools was launched in 2010 and in 2015 we introduced the world's first cashless moneybox, Clever Kash. Now we've made accessing GetWise easy anywhere, anytime.

Our bank account for kids

Teach your kids good savings habits with our ASB Headstart kid's account - our children's savings (and transaction) account. It earns interest and has no fees.

When you open a Headstart account, your child will receive a Headstart Starter Pack and can embark on the interactive spy themed GetWise mission, with fun assignments to develop their money-smart skills online.

The Headstart Starter Pack also includes a pencil case and coloured pencils.

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Over a million cash clever kids with ASB GetWise

Teaching children good money habits early helps set them up for the future. Our team visit schools across New Zealand, teaching kids the fundamentals of money. Over 1 million students have registered for ASB GetWise since 2010, making it New Zealand's biggest financial education programme in schools.

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Some cool things to get started

Tools to use at home

These money activities are so fun kids won't realise they're learning. Check out our tools to teach kids to be cash clever with their pocket money, with ideas and activities to do at home.

Chore chart

Chore charts could help your kids see how they're contributing to the household chores and make them more independent.

Some good money habits

Teaching your kids about good money management from an early age can set them up with the right skills to budget, save and spend wisely as they get older.

Getting teens started

Help your teen learn about earning, saving and spending. We've got tips to help them stay one step ahead with their money.

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Tools to teach kids to be cash clever

We have lots of fun tips and learning tools for your kids, whatever their age.

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