Getting kids started

The sooner your children learn good money habits, the better, and at ASB we have a range of tools to help kids get off to a great start.

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How can we help you

  • A Headstart kid's bank account with no base or transaction account fees
  • GetWise programmes in schools to teach kiwi kids basic money skills and financial know-how
  • Clever tools to help your kids save and manage their money
  • YouTube videos to teach kids to be cash clever, with ideas and activities to do at home

Choose the right account for your kids

Headstart kid’s bank account

The all-in-one account for kids – great for teaching your kids good money habits. It earns interest and has no fees.

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Savings on Call account

A savings account where your money’s on call. It earns a higher interest rate for higher amounts saved.

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Get more with ASB

Let your kids buy online with a Visa Debit card

With a Visa Debit card, your child can use their own money to buy things online or over the phone, anywhere Visa is accepted. It’s a great alternative to a credit card. They simply need to be 13 years old to apply, and if they are under 16, they’ll need your approval.

Guides to get you there

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1. Join ASB

Get things started online by opening a Streamline Intro account - it's quick and easy.

2. Confirm

We’ll email or call you as soon as everything is set up.

3. Activate

Visit any ASB branch within the next 7 days with photo ID and proof of your address.

4. Start banking

You’re now good to go. Start banking anytime, anywhere with ASB.

Open a Headstart account for your child

Children under 13

Come see us at a branch and bring with you accepted ID for yourself and your child.

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Teenagers 13-18

Your teenager can open their own account by visiting a branch and bringing in accepted ID.

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