Headstart kid's bank account

Encourage your kids to get ahead with Headstart, our special savings account for children. It gives them interest on their savings, no fees - they can even get their very own Clever Kash.

Benefits at a glance

  • Earns interest on every dollar in the account and has no transaction or monthly account fees

  • Helps teach kids about money with interactive tools like our latest innovation, Clever Kash

  • You can choose to have control over your kids account

  • Works with FastNet Classic, online banking and the ASB Mobile app

From Kashin to Clever Kash

From the days of dropping coins in a Kashin elephant moneybox, to swiping virtual coins into Clever Kash, ASB has been helping kids get one step ahead for over 100 years.

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Is it right for my kids?

If you’d like to set your kids up for the future with good money habits, an ASB Headstart account could be a great option.

Headstart is both a savings and transaction account designed specifically for kids. It earns interest, calculated daily, and has no monthly or transaction fees, allowing your child’s money to grow.

You choose how much control your child has over their account:

  • If your child is under 13, they can make deposits, check their balance and ask for a statement. But to take money out or move it around, only you can do that – unless you give consent for your child to do it themselves.
  • If they’re a teenager (13 to 18 years old), they can open and manage their own Headstart account, like make deposits, take money out and move money around. Or if they already have a Headstart account, they can take over managing the account with your consent.
  • If consent is given to take over managing the Headstart account, Kids can have their own Eftpos card.

Once your child turns 18, we’ll need to move them to a more suitable account. For instance if they’re starting an apprenticeship or studying at an NZQA tertiary institution, our tertiary students package may suit them – or if they’re starting their first job, they may like to move to our job starter’s package.

Interest rates and fees

Interest rate

Monthly account fee

Transaction fees

Getting teens started

Help your teen learn about earning, saving and spending. We've got tips to help them stay one step ahead with their money.

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Get more with ASB

Let your kids buy online with a Visa Debit card

With a Visa Debit card, your child can use their own money to buy things online or over the phone, anywhere Visa is accepted. It’s a great alternative to a credit card. They simply need to be 13 years old to apply, and if they are under 16, they’ll need your approval.

Set up alerts to stay ahead

When your child starts managing their own account, they can set up alerts. So when their account goes below or above a certain limit, they'll get notifications on the ASB Mobile Banking app, and/or email. It's a great way to ensure they're never caught short.

Open Headstart account for your child

Children under 13

Come see us at a branch and bring with you accepted ID for yourself and your child.

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Teenagers 13-18

Your teenager can open their own account by visiting a branch and bringing in accepted ID.

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ASB’s Terms and Conditions apply

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