Headstart youth bank account

Kids and teens can get one step ahead with our Headstart account. It’s an everyday and savings account in one, earning interest on every dollar.

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Benefits at a glance

    Zero monthly account and transaction fees.

    Earns interest on every dollar with our competitive interest rate.

Your bank account grows with you


At this age only a parent or guardian can open an account by visiting our Advice Centre, and will manage it until they're ready to pass on control. Under-12 year olds can still make deposits, check balances and ask for a statement, but a guardian needs to move money around or take it out (or give us consent to let you do it).


At 13, you can open and manage a Headstart account by yourself, or take over one that's been opened for you. This includes being able to take money out and transfer to different accounts. Visit a branch to get an ASB Visa Debit (with your parent's permission), or an ASB FastCash card once you're in control.


16 and 17 year olds can now add an ASB Visa Debit card to your account. This makes it possible to use contactless payment with your phone or smartwatch, and buy online with your own money.


You'll be switched to our Streamline account, which has no monthly account or transaction fees. From here you can apply for different products and set up a money management system that works for you.

Open a Headstart account online

If you are over 13, you can apply for your own account online.

1. Complete the online form

Give yourself about 10 minutes to do this. You'll need a few important details, including some tax stuff. It's important you answer everything honestly, so if there's something you're not sure about, check with a parent or guardian.

2. Confirm some details

You'll need to provide proof of a few things: your identity and your address. You can do this through our ASB ID app, or by visiting an Advice Centre. We'll tell you what we need once you've completed the first step.

3. You're good to go

It's time to save, spend and get some good habits started to get you one step ahead.

Open a Headstart account in an Advice Centre

A Headstart account can be opened by appointment at your local ASB Advice Centre. Headstart accounts for children aged 0-12 cannot be opened online. As a parent or guardian, make sure you bring in accepted ID for both yourself and your child.

You can book an appointment with us via the 'Contact us' section in your ASB Fastnet Classic internet banking or ASB Mobile Banking app. If you're new to ASB, you can call us on 0800 803 804.

Interest rates

Earn interest on every dollar

Monthly account fee

Transaction fees

Better banking for teens

It's never too late - or too early - to learn good money habits, and being in charge of your money is a big step. We're here to support you, help you keep your money safe and help it grow.

Banking for teens

Get more with ASB

Let your kids buy online with a Visa Debit card

With a Visa Debit card, your child can use their own money to buy things online or over the phone, anywhere Visa is accepted. It’s a great alternative to a credit card. They simply need to be 13 years old to apply, and if they are under 16, they’ll need your approval.

Set up alerts to stay ahead

When your child starts managing their own account, they can set up alerts. So when their account goes below or above a certain limit, they'll get notifications on the ASB Mobile Banking app, and/or email. It's a great way to ensure they're never caught short.

Embark on the GetWise Mission with ASB

When you open a Headstart account with ASB, your children can embark on the GetWise Mission - an interactive spy themed mission kids can access at home.

Eight spy-themed assignments will help your kids develop their money-smart skills online.

A Headstart Starter Pack is available for your child when you open a Headstart account with ASB. Each pack contains learning activities, a pencil case and coloured pencils.

ASB Bank Limited's terms apply. Rates may change and service fees apply.

See all our rates and fees.

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