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Small steps can help you achieve your goals

No matter where you are on your money journey, ASB can help you take control of your financial wellbeing and achieve your goals.

It all starts with you

Small steps can help you build good money habits, setting you up to reach your goals. If you're finding it hard to stay on top of your finances, don't have emergency savings put aside, or have a general money goal you want to fast track, we can help. Get tailored financial wellbeing tips and tools right here on ASB MoneySpace to help make a game plan, take charge of your future, and feel good about your money.

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Why does your financial wellbeing matter?

Financial wellbeing is a journey. Being on top of your money helps you reach your goals and achieve financial freedom. It means you might not have to worry about a sudden emergency or curveball that might impact your money situation. 

A great place to start is with your financial wellbeing score. It shows how confident you are in managing your money day to day. It's a handy way to see what's working, how well you're set up for any hiccups, and what to do next.

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Have you been watching Gamechanger?

We've partnered with TVNZ to create a brand-new series, working with Kiwis to help them achieve their goals and support them to get one step ahead.

Each episode follows New Zealanders as they work through improving their financial wellbeing with us. Our experts provide them the support, inspiration and tools to manage their money.

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Financial wellbeing in the ASB Mobile Banking app

Want to improve your money habits for the better? Head to the ASB Mobile app to check your financial wellbeing score, set goals and access tips and guidance based on your score. 

Log in to the app, click 'More' on the bottom right, and tap 'Financial wellbeing' in the menu.

The information and tools suggested on ASB MoneySpace are intended to provide general information only. It is not financial advice and does not take into consideration your personal needs and financial circumstances. You should consider seeking financial advice before making any decision based on this information.