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The ASB ID app reads your current eligible e-passport (recommended) or New Zealand driver licence, takes a scan of your face selfie-style and allows you to verify your address.

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You'll need:

    New Zealand driver licence

    You can use a current NZ driver licence if you don't have an e-passport. It should be scratch-free and legible.

    Proof of address

    If proof of address is also required, a PDF utility bill or similar that shows your name and home address.

    ASB login details

    Your username and password to access the app.

*You may need to pop into a branch to finish some steps.

How to use the ASB ID app

For more information on how to verify your identity using the ASB ID app view our PDF with detailed instructions.

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Questions you might have

What do I need to do before I can use the ASB ID app?

If you are new to ASB, you can use the ASB ID app to make joining ASB fast and easy.

Start by visiting our Join ASB page. Choose an account and complete the Join ASB form. The form asks you to choose a password for online banking. You'll need to remember this password to use later on. When we set up your account, we’ll email you the details and include your online banking username.

For all other customers, you'll need an ASB login to use the ASB ID app. If you don't currently have one you can call 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863).

To confirm your ID, you'll need:

  • An iPhone with iOS 14 or later, or an NFC-capable Android 7 or later.
  • A current e-passport. This should have an electronic chip icon on the cover. If you don't have a current e-passport, you can also use a current New Zealand driver licence.
  • The ASB ID app downloaded to your phone. You can find the app at the App Store or Google Play. Besides New Zealand, the app is also available in Australia, United Kingdom and countries of European Union.

Then just open the app and follow the instructions.

To confirm your address (if required) you will need an original PDF which you received in the last 12 months, shows your name and home address, is one of these approved documents, and is smaller than 700KB.

How do I know if I have an e-passport?

All current New Zealand and most international passports are e-passports.

An e-passport (also known as a digital passport or biometric passport) has an embedded microchip that holds the details shown on your passport. It looks just like a traditional passport, except it should show this international biometric symbol:

An NFC scanner can read your e-passport's chip. Most mobile phones now have this NFC technology built in. The ASB ID app uses that technology to make it easy to confirm your identity when opening an account, without having to come into a branch.

Which countries' e-passports work with the ASB ID app?

Your e-passport will need to be current.

How do I confirm my identity or address with the ASB ID app?

If you're new to ASB, or we have reached out to you, we need to confirm your identity (and address if required). Our goal is to make this as easy as possible, whether online or in a branch.

The easiest way to confirm your identity and address is with the ASB ID mobile app. You'll need:

  • An ASB username and password. If you don't currently have one you can call 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863).
  • An iPhone using iOS 14 or later, or an NFC-capable Android 7 or later.
  • A current e-passport with an embedded biometric chip, from one of these 140+ countries or a current and valid New Zealand driver licence.
  • A PDF document if proof of address is also required.

The app scans your e-passport and then scans your face selfie-style. That is usually enough for us to confirm your identity.

After confirming your address, we will use a trusted third party to to attempt to verify your address electronically. If we are unable to find a match, we will require you to upload your proof of address using an original PDF which you have received in the last 12 months. It must show your name and home address, be one of these approved document types, and be smaller than 700KB.

If the app can't confirm your identity or address, you may need to come into a branch instead.

We go to great lengths to protect your privacy. You can find out more about the way we collect, hold and use your information in our Personal Banking Terms and Conditions.

How do I scan my e-passport using the ASB ID app?

  • You may need to check you've given the ASB ID app permission to use your camera.
  • Turn your phone horizontally to landscape mode.

If using an e-passport:

  • Hold your phone over your passport photo page, ensuring the whole passport page is visible on your screen. Ensure that the chevrons displayed on the screen align with the machine readable zone (the long code at the bottom of your passport photo page). 
  • The app will automatically capture the machine readable zone (the long code at the bottom of your passport photo page).

If using a New Zealand driver licence:

  • You will need to scan the front and back of your driver licence.
  • Your driver licence needs to be scratch free, undamaged and clear enough to read.
  • Place your driver licence down on a dark coloured surface.
  • Hold your phone over the front of your driver licence, ensuring that the whole licence is within the scanning guides.
  • Keep your phone still while scanning the licence. The scan will start automatically.

Are there any tips for taking my photo with the ASB ID app?

The ASB ID app takes a scan of your face, selfie-style. A clear image makes it easier to confirm your identity. Follow these simple tips for best results:

  • Remove anything blocking your face, like a hat or sunglasses. Normal glasses are OK but avoid glare on the lens.
  • Hold your phone vertically, directly in front of you.
  • Ensure nobody else is in the background.
  • Avoid shadows or very bright light on your face. Stand in indirect sunlight or in a well-lit room.
  • The app shows an oval on the screen. Centre your whole head within the oval and move your phone forwards or backwards until the oval turns green.
  • Keep still and hold your phone still. The app will shine different coloured lights while it scans your face selfie-style.

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ASB's terms apply. For more information on how we collect, hold and use your information, please see the section on confidentiality of your information in our Personal Banking Terms and Conditions.