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Track and see the trends in your spending with ASB Spend Tracker, available now in the ASB Mobile Banking app.

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  • See where your money is going with Spend Tracker's summary for each account.

  • No need to manually code transactions, Spend Tracker automatically puts your spending into categories. 

  • Easily change your spending transactions into the category that best suits you.

  • Track trends in your income and expenses.

How ASB Spend Tracker works

Spend Tracker is available for ASB customers who have a personal everyday, savings or credit card account. You can access Spend Tracker through the ASB Mobile Banking app.

Spend Tracker has an interactive graph for each eligible account that helps you track your money in and money out. You can select any available month to view your spending summary.

The tool automatically puts your spending into categories, for example dining, entertainment and utilities. You can easily change a single transaction or all similar transactions into the category that best suits you.

Get started

Log in

1. Log in to the ASB Mobile Banking app, select the Account you want to view, and then More options.

Choose card

2. Tap on Spend Tracker.

Select Card Tracker

3. Scroll down to view your spending summary or select the month you wish to view.

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Questions you might have

How do I find Spend Tracker?

You can find Spend Tracker through a number of places in the ASB Mobile Banking app: the 'More' menu, Financial Wellbeing Hub, or through the 'More options' menu of any personal everyday, savings and credit card account summary pages.

What accounts can I use Spend Tracker for?

Any personal everyday, savings or credit card account.

How are transactions categorised?

ASB automatically categorises transactions using a machine learning model. If a transaction is re-categorised it helps our technology improve the accuracy of the categorisation for the future transactions.

How do I change the category for a transaction?

You can change a single transaction, or all similar transactions, by using the pencil icon next to any transaction in the category breakdown.

What is the difference between changing the category of a single transaction and 'all transactions like this'?

Changing the category of a single transaction will just change that selected transaction; whereas changing "Yes, change all" will change the category for the selected transaction, past transactions (up to 12 months) and any future transaction that is the same.

How do I find out more information about the categories?

You can select the tool tip next to 'Your spending' to see a description for each category.

Why can't I see any transactions from today?

Spend Tracker displays transactions the following business day.

Why can’t I see a particular category/any categories when I select an account?

Categories are only visible when there have been transactions that fall under that category for the month selected. If there have been no transactions under a category for that month and account, the category will not appear.

How do I see a different months' account activity and spending?

You can tap any month within the bar chart. This will update the ‘Account activity’ and ‘Your spending’ information according to the month you select.

What is 'money in' and 'money out'?

Money in and money out is the amount of money you have had come in, and the amount of money that has gone out of an account.

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