ASB Fastcash Card

Stay in control of your money with an ASB Fastcash EFTPOS card. Make purchases in-store or withdraw from your account at ATM’s both here and around the world.

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Benefits at a glance

No ongoing card fee with your ASB Fastcash card.

Make purchases throughout New Zealand via EFTPOS, or withdraw cash at ATMs that display the Plus logo, both locally and abroad.

Is it right for me?

An ASB Fastcash card keeps you connected to your transaction account with a card that’s accepted across New Zealand and around the world. PIN protected, you can easily withdraw cash from ATMs or use it for day-to-day spending via EFTPOS at retail outlets.

To get an ASB Fastcash card that you can start using immediately, head into your local ASB branch and our team will help get you setup.

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ASB FastCash Rainbow Card

Our redesigned ASB FastCash Rainbow Cards are available in our Advice Centres (branches). To get yours, have a chat to one of our team.

ASB Fastcash fees and limits

Card fee 
Overseas card delivery
Daily purchase limit
Daily ATM withdrawal limit

Service charges and overseas transaction charges apply. For details of fees applicable to your account(s) accessible by your ASB Fastcash card please see our Guide to Fees, which is also available at any ASB branch.

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Personal Banking Terms and Conditions apply. You'll need to link your ASB Fastcash card to an eligible ASB account. Fees, service charges and overseas transaction charges apply.

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