ASB Card Control

ASB Card Control gives you the power to manage your ASB Visa cards anywhere, any time through the ASB Mobile app. Temporarily lock your card if you lose it, turn off ATM withdrawals, set spending limits and much more.

Benefits at a glance

  • Manage your cards wherever you are – simply turn the features on and off as you need
  • Changes are instant and in real time, giving you control of your cards day and night
  • Features you rarely use can be completely turned off for extra security and control
  • No need to download a separate app – Card Control is already on your ASB Mobile app

How ASB Card Control works

Card Control video
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Manage your ASB Visa cards from anywhere

Because Card Control is on your smartphone, you have the power to manage your cards any time of the day or night, from wherever you are.

  • Lock your card if you lose it or it’s stolen.
  • Set a spending limit.
  • Turn on or off ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Turn on or off Visa payWave transactions.
  • Turn on or off in-store international transactions.
  • Turn on or off online transactions.
  • Cancel and replace your card.

How to manage your money with card control

If you adjust your credit card to stay on top of your spending. Card Control could help. It's free to use on the ASB mobile banking app.

  • You can set a spending limit on your credit card.
    Set a limit for each transaction to help put the brakes on your spending.
  • You can block online spending.
    If you're tempted by online spending sprees, you can turn off your card's online purchases. If you really need something, you can turn it back on in seconds. 

Works with all ASB Visa cards

Card Control works with both ASB Visa credit cards and the ASB Visa debit card. If you’ve got more than one card you can choose which features you’d like to turn on or off for each individual card.

Changes happen instantly

Another great thing about ASB Card Control is that everything is in real time. This means if you lose your card, you can lock it instantly so no-one can use it. Then if your card turns up under the couch simply unlock it and you’ll be able to use your card again straight away.

It’s easy, get started today

Screenshot of credit card information

01. Log in

Log in to the ASB Mobile app from your smartphone. Tap the main menu button in the top left-hand corner, and click ‘Cards’.

Mobile image of a credit card to manage

02. Choose card

Choose the card or cards you want to command

Mobile image of Card Control features

03. Select feature

Pick the features you’d like to control. If you lose your card tap on ‘Temporarily lock card’ at the bottom. Turn features on/off and lock/unlock your card whenever you want.

Credit card mobile notification

04. Get notified

We’ll let you know if your spending goes over the spending limit you’ve set, or if there is an attempt to use a feature you’ve turned off. Just be sure that you have notifications enabled within the ASB Mobile app.

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