Why was a transaction approved with my ASB Visa card, even though I have applied a setting using ASB Card Control?

Last Updated: 24 Nov 2015

In some exceptional situations, a transaction may still be approved, even if a feature has been turned off with ASB Card Control. 

  • We rely on merchants/financial institutions to provide us with specific information about transactions that they process, which allows us to determine whether it matches any settings you may have applied to your card. If they supply us with incorrect information, then a transaction may still go through, even if you've changed your settings. For example: If you turn off "in store international transactions” using ASB Card Control, but the merchant incorrectly processes it as an "online transaction", the transaction will still go through.
  • Some transactions are not sent to ASB immediately for authorisation, in these situations it is important to know that your settings may not apply. For example: Some merchants process contactless transactions offline, which means we will be unable to stop Visa payWave transactions from being accepted, even if you have turned off that feature. 
  • We rely on computer and telecommunication systems. Disruptions to these systems may result in ASB Card Control settings being unavailable from time to time.

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