How to reset your FastNet password using the ASB Mobile Banking app

The simplest and fastest way to reset your FastNet password is via the ASB Mobile Banking app. Download and print the guide to learn how to reset your FastNet Password with the ASB Mobile Banking app.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, download and print the guide.

Before you get started: to reset your Fastnet Classic password using the ASB Mobile Banking app you must be registered for Netcode - for more information on Netcode please click here.

There are two ways you can reset your password through the ASB mobile app.

  • Select Login options from the bottom left of the PIN pad or alternatively you can open the menu on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Reset password from the bottom menu when selecting Login options.

Tip: If you have Biometrics set up, you will need to follow the steps shown for resetting your password once logged in.

You can reset your password before you login to the app from either of these locations:

  1. Open the ASB mobile app and select More.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Security.

  4. Then select Change password.

  5. Then select Send Netcode.

  6. You will be sent a Netcode to your Netcode registered mobile number. Enter Netcode and select Continue.
    Note: You can check and update your Netcode number from the Settings menu in the mobile app.

  7. Enter your new password and ensure it’s different from any previous passwords. Now Confirm new pasword, by re-entering your new password.
    Tip: Note the requirements on this step for a valid password.

  8. Select Submit.
    Great! You have successfully reset your password.
    Tip: You can find your Username below the confirmation message.