Helping everyone do their banking during COVID-19

COVID-19 has created real challenges for people who have always done their banking in person. Here are some ways we're helping, and for you to help friends and family.

Dedicated number for customers 70 and over: 0800 272 119

Our contact centre is still fielding more calls than usual, so it can sometimes take a while to get through.

But anyone aged 70 and over can call our special priority number, 0800 272 119. One of our New Zealand-based team members will answer fast.

Other callers should use our normal number, 0800 803 804.

Visiting branches

If you're planning to visit a branch, please check that you have a genuinely essential need, and that your local branch is open.

Services Available - COVID-19 Level 2

  • Transactions that cannot be done via an ATM, phone or online banking
  • Replacement EFTPOS cards
  • Signing critical banking documents
  • Giving you access to internet banking
  • Withdrawing a cash float or making a cash deposit for businesses
  • Complete identification requirements for a new ASB bank account (by appointment only)
  • FX cheques for deposit to an ASB account - Subject to criteria

Our branch services are limited

Until things return to normal our branches will be offering limited services and limited hours.

If you are aged 70 and over you can also access branch services during our priority hour from 9am to 10am.

Branch availability

You can help friends or family members access cash

If you have an older friend, family member or neighbour who can’t visit their usual branch or ATM, we might be able to help.

The customer can call us on 0800 803 804 (or 0800 272 119 if they are 70 or over) and nominate you to collect cash from a branch for them. You simply identify yourself at the branch, withdraw up to $250 from their account, and take it to them.

We may call the customer to confirm that they know about the withdrawal.

Keeping in touch

Your local branch teams are still working from home during the lockdown. One of the things they're doing is contacting their regular customers to check that everything's OK.

If you haven't been called and would like to talk to one of the people from your usual branch, call us on 0800 803 804 (or 0800 272 119 if you're 70 or over) and we'll have them get in touch.

Be careful of fraud and scams

In any crisis, some criminals will try to take advantage of people’s fears for their own gain. Be careful of emails, phone calls or visitors who claim to be from the government, health organisations or your bank, especially if they ask for your personal details.

As always, keep your wits about you and make sure your family members don’t give out their personal details or pay for anything without being 100% sure that the request is legitimate. 

We have more security information and resources for you and your family online. You can even test yourself with our quizzes on phone scams  and email scams.

If you'd like to learn about the types of fraud and scams to look out for, discover how to better protect yourself from fraud and scams and learn from real-life case studies about what can go wrong, please download Safe & savvy - a guide to help older people avoid abuse, scams and fraud.

Safe and Savvy Guide

There have been several disturbing scams:

  • Men asking for entry to senior people's homes, claiming to be sent from the government to sterilise their house against COVID-19
  • Emails selling COVID-19 cures or preventative medicines
  • Phone calls from people claiming to be from the government or other institutions asking for personal details or payment for tests

Ways to bank from home

When we're in lockdown, banking on your computer or your mobile really is the easiest way to check balances and pay bills.

If you're not already using these services, you might be surprised how simple they can be.

You can also be sure we've done everything we can to make these services secure. We’ve also made sure you can’t accidentally pay the wrong person.

Take a look at these short videos to see how easy it is to do some everyday tasks from the comfort of home.