Security alerts

When ASB becomes a phishing campaign target, it means scam emails pretending to come from us have been sent to a large number of people, including ASB customers. These emails are not from ASB, or in any way authorised by us.

If you think you’ve been targeted by an online or phone scam, please call us on 0800 327 863. We take security seriously and will do everything we can to help.

No company in the ASB Group will ever ask you by email for your secure banking information. That includes account or credit card numbers, passwords, PIN numbers or Netcode details.

Phishing emails often give you a link that directs you to an online banking log in page. While ASB might advise logging in to an account to complete an action, we will never give you a direct link to the log in page. Instead, we'll encourage you to type www.asb.co.nz directly into your browser and log in from there. To make our page easily and quickly accessible, it's good practice to save it as a bookmark.

If you have received a suspicious email, please forward it to our dedicated email scam team on phishing@asb.co.nz.

If you've already clicked a link in a suspicious email, or if in doubt, please call us on 0800 327 863 and we will immediately reset your internet banking password. You can also reset it yourself through FastNet internet banking or the mobile app.

We're committed to keeping you up-to-date with security threats facing online financial services. Find out more about the precautions we take, as well as tips for how you as a customer can protect yourself online.

Current examples

Some current examples of phishing scams that have targeted ASB.

22 August 2019
20 August 2019
06 August 2019

Subject: The New and Improved ASB Internet Banking Security

21 June 2019


Customers may receive fraudulent phone calls from 0800 803 804 with an automated Chinese message advising that there has been suspicious activity on their bank account, and it will be closed.  This is a scam. Please hang up immediately and do not follow any instructions.

21 June 2019


一些客户可能会收到来自0800 803 804的欺诈性电话。当有人接听时,会有一条自动播出的中文语音,告知其银行账户存在可疑活动,并将被关闭。

31 May 2019

Subject: Unauthorized Debit Transaction Detected

29 May 2019

Subject: Re: You have 10 unread messages!

17 May 2019

Subject: Important Fastnet Alert

17 April 2019
12 April 2019
03 April 2019

Subject: Unlock your ASB Bank access

22 March 2019

Subject: undisclosed-recipients:;

21 March 2019

Subject: ASB BANK Error Alert

21 March 2019

Subject: [In review] ASB Online Message on Thursday, March 21, 2019

21 March 2019

Subject: ASB BANK Error Alert

11 March 2019

Subject: SPAM: Regulate Your Tax Rate

11 March 2019

Subject: [spam?] Regulate Your Tax Rate

01 March 2019

Subject: Billing Address Error

26 February 2019

Subject: Update Your Contact Information

21 February 2019

Subject: ASB Bank Update Notification

20 February 2019

Subject: ASB Bank Update Notification

14 Feb 2019

Subject: New Changes to Terms and Conditions

12 February 2019
12 February 2019

Subject: Important Security Notification

11 February 2019
31 January 2019
25 January 2019
21 January 2019
21 January 2019
18 January 2019
17 January 2019
04 January 2019

Subject: Account On Hold

ASBSecurity alerts