Keeping you safe from fraud and scams

We take the protection of your money seriously and work every day to protect you from financial scamming. Scams are deceptive and could trick you into giving away money, internet banking login or Netcode details, credit card details and more. They often ask for information we would never ask for, unless it's in person at a branch. They target customers over the phone, email or text. Remember, we will never text or email you with a link to log in to your FastNet Classic internet banking.

    Have you been scammed?

    Check out the latest scams customers have received. These are real phishing and smishing attempts. Is your message here?

How to stay one step ahead of fraudsters

Stop and think... is this for real?

Things to remember

We're here to help

If you're worried that your banking has been compromised, call us on 0800 ASB FRAUD (0800 272 372), or +64 9 306 3000 if you're overseas.

If you need to chat about your account security in general, call 0800 803 804.

Suspicious email, phone call or text?

Forward the email or text to phishing@asb.co.nz and delete the message.

On the phone? Hang up straight away. Then call us on 0800 ASB FRAUD. 

Stay safe

  • Don't give out any personal details
  • Don't make any 'urgent' payments to someone you don't know
  • Don't download any software on to your computer or device that someone on the phone has asked you to
  • Hang up immediately
  • Delete that email or text