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Security Matters
<p>If you're a business owner or work for a business that accepts any type of card payments, then be sure to check out our newsletter each quarter for helpful tips, insights and news on how to stay secure.</p>

Security Matters Newsletter

March 2024

In this issue, we talk to Ray Simpson, the Asia Pacific Managing Director of Foregenix, to discuss PCI DSS, cybersecurity trends and resources available to businesses.

December 2023

In this issue of Security Matters, we're talking about a recent scam impacting businesses, payments for vision impaired customers and UnionPay acceptance.

September 2023

In this issue of Security Matters, we’re covering a few topics related to EFTPOS terminals. These have been common talking points recently, so we wanted to provide you with some helpful points.

June 2023

In this issue, we talk about the CAPTCHA's - what they are, and how they can be used to protect businesses from fraud.

March 2023

In this issue of Security Matters, we discuss a recent scam that has impacted our Merchants and simple tips to avoid getting caught up in scams in general.

December 2022

In this issue, we're talking passwords. We wanted to share some interesting research and helpful advice around good password hygiene.

September 2022

This issue discusses, the new PCI-DSS version 4.0, the importance of keeping your website framework updated as well as two prevalent scams and how to avoid them.

June 2022

In this issue, we talk to you about one of the potentially higher-risk methods of accepting credit card payments and some alternative methods.

February 2022

Setting up new payment channels can be tricky. In this issue, we give you some tips to find providers that support your business growth and protect your customers.

October 2021

In this issue we talk about the importance of keeping your software updated, guarding against account testing attacks and tips to prevent it from happening to you.

July 2021

In this issue of Security Matters, we cover two security features for online payments - 3D Secure and Network Tokenisation.

April 2021

In this issue, read about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the upcoming changes