Get urgent help now

What's happened? Choose from the list below or call us on 0800 272 372

Suspicious activity

Have you received a suspicious email, phone call or text from someone asking for your personal details? Or, have you noticed suspicious transactions on your bank accounts or credit card?

Having trouble accessing your account

Having trouble with the ASB Mobile Banking app or maybe you've forgotten your FastNet Classic password?

Card issues

Lost your credit card, still waiting for a new one or you've accidentally shared your PIN? Have you spotted something suspicious on your statement?

Something else

Something weird is happening on your account and you're not sure what has happened.

Suspicious activity

Given information to a suspicious phone caller?

Call us immediately on 0800 272 372.

  • If you gave the caller your credit card details or bank log on details, we'll reset your password or cancel your card.
  • If you gave someone personal details like your address or bank account numbers, they might try to call us, pretending to be you. We'll flag your account for caution.
  • If you gave the caller the PIN of any of your cards, call the Police as well and tell them what's happened.

Having trouble accessing your account

Locked out of online or mobile banking?

If you don't have the ASB Mobile Banking app, call us on 0800 803 804.

If you do have the ASB app:

  • Open the ASB Mobile banking app
  • If it asks for your fingerprint, press 'Cancel'
  • Tap the three bar menu in the top left corner
  • Choose 'Reset ASB login password'
  • Enter your PIN
  • Choose a new password


Call us on 0800 803 804 and we'll help.

Card issues

Have you lost your credit card here or overseas?

If you have the ASB Mobile app

  • Use our app to lock your card temporarily. If it turns up, you can unlock it just as easily. It takes effect immediately.
  • If you're sure your card is lost or stolen, cancel it immediately in the ASB Mobile app. You can request a replacement at the same time.
  • If you don't have the ASB Mobile app, just call us on 0800 803 804, or +64 9 306 3000 if you're overseas.
  • If you're overseas we can give you the nearest Visa Global Assistance office. They can get you a replacement card and emergency cash if necessary.

Your new ASB credit card still hasn't arrived?

  • Your new credit card should arrive before your current card expires.
  • New cards should arrive within a week.
  • If your card is overdue it may have been stolen or be missing in the post.
  • Call us on 0800 803 804 and we'll check its status.

Someone's learned your card's PIN?

  • Change the PIN for all your cards that use the same PIN.
  • You can do it in FastNet Classic internet banking or the ASB Mobile app.
  • You can also come in to any ASB branch, or call us on 0800 803 804.

Suspicious transactions on your credit card?

Transactions you don't remember that look very suspicious

  • Call us on 0800 272 372. We’ll look into them immediately.
  • If you think someone is using your card details, temporarily lock your card with the ASB Mobile app and let us know.

Charged for something you want to dispute?

If something has gone wrong with a credit card transaction, check with the retailer first. They may be able to help.

We can't dispute pending transactions, or transactions where you've changed your mind about something you bought.

You can dispute a transaction if:

  • You didn't authorise the transaction.
  • You cancelled a subscription or membership and are still being charged.
  • There was an error, like being charged twice or charged for the wrong amount.
  • You didn't receive what you paid for, or it was incorrect or defective.

Something else has happened?

Mobile phone hacked?

  • If you think your phone has been hacked, or if it's doing suspicious things, change your FastNet Classic password to prevent access.
  • You can change it in FastNet Classic internet banking or on the mobile app.
  • Or call us on 0800 272 372 and we can do it for you immediately.
  • Then take your phone to your mobile supplier to have it checked.

Have you been tricked into sending money overseas?

  • Call us on 0800 272 372 as soon as possible.
  • There may still be time to recover your funds.

Lost your Netcode token?

  • Call us on 0800 803 804.
  • We'll cancel your Netcode token, and arrange a new one.

Has an ATM swallowed your card?

  • Call us on 0800 803 804, or +64 9 306 3000 from overseas.
  • We'll find out what's happened and either get your card back or send you a new one.

Not sure what to do?

  • Call us on 0800 803 804, or +64 9 306 3000 from overseas.
  • We'll help get things under control and ensure you and your money are safe.

Contact us

Call us

If you are concerned that there has been a breach in your ASB account security, contact us immediately on 0800 ASB FRAUD (0800 272 372) or +64 9 303 0332 if you're overseas.

For any other queries, please contact us on 0800 803 804.

Suspicious email or SMS message?

Forward any suspicious looking emails to phishing@asb.co.nz.

If you receive a suspicious SMS message please delete it.

If you're concerned about either an email or SMS you’ve received, call us on 0800 272 372.

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