How to register for two-step verification with Netcode

Netcode is a form of two-step verification, which is simply an extra layer of security for when you’re completing certain banking activities with us online.

How to register for Netcode

To sign up for Netcode

  1. Call us on 0800 327 863 (overseas +64 9 306 3000 toll charges may apply). You can also visit any ASB branch and bring a valid photo ID.

  2. We will ask you some security questions to ensure it's really you, but remember, we will never ask you for your passwords or PIN numbers.

  3. You will need to provide a mobile number that you want your Netcode to be sent to.

  4. Once your registration is complete, you can start receiving Netcodes straight away.

How to update your Netcode number

  • Log into the ASB mobile app.
  • From the accounts page, tap the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Then under 'Personal details' select 'Mobile numbers' to update the number we send Netcode to.

If you don't have the ASB Mobile app please call us on 0800 327 863 (overseas +64 9 306 3000 toll charges may apply). You can also visit any ASB branch.

How does two-step verification with Netcode work?

Once registered for Netcode, when two-step verification is required, we will automatically send a temporary code to your mobile phone via text message. From there you can enter the code to complete your desired activity online.

To protect you and your accounts from online fraudsters, you'll be prompted to complete two-step verification every time you do the following activities.

  • Combined daily payments over $1,000 
  • Changing your card PIN
  • Making international money transfers
  • Adding Google PayTM or Apple Pay to your cards via the ASB Mobile Banking app or from the Google or Apple digital wallets

If we notice something unusual about your login, such as a new device or location, you'll also be prompted to complete two-step verification when you do the following activity:

  • Logging into FastNet Classic 
    For added security, set up two-step verification for every login by enabling Netcode at login.

Netcode when using the ASB Mobile Banking app.

By Netcode-verifying your app, you won't need to enter a Netcode if you're making payments via the ASB Mobile Banking app. If you do not Netcode verify the app, your daily limit is $1,000 (or a lower amount as chosen by you).

Also, by Netcode-verifying your app, you will receive two-step verification notifications for logging into FastNet Classic via the ASB Mobile Banking app, rather than being sent a text message. For more information visit our How to guide page.

If you register for Netcode before you register for the ASB Mobile Banking app, you simply need to verify your device when prompted while completing the app registration process.

If you already use the ASB Mobile Banking app, and register for Netcode after using the app for the first time, you will need to follow these steps to verify your device:

  1. Select Settings in the menu, then select Security.
  2. Select Netcode Verified, then select Send Netcode.
  3. You will be sent a Netcode to your Netcode registered mobile number. Enter the Netcode.
  4. You have successfully verified your device.