How to complete two-step verification when logging in to FastNet Classic internet banking

Two-step verification when logging in to FastNet Classic internet banking is an invaluable tool to combat online fraud. Download and print the guide to learn how to complete two-step verification.

Before you start

Your ASB online account is protected by an extra layer of security.
  • If we notice something unusual when you log in, such as a new device or location, we may ask you to complete two-step verification to prove it’s really you. For added peace of mind you can also enable two-step verification for every login, by enabling Netcode at login.

  • To enable two-step verification using the ASB Mobile Banking app, you need to ensure that:
  1. You are Netcode-registered.
  2. You have the latest version of the ASB Mobile Banking app.
  3. You have Netcode-verified the app. To find out more about verifying your Netcode click here.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, download and print the guide.

  1. We’ll send a notification to your Netcode verified mobile device which you will need to verify to login.

    Tip: If you don’t receive the notification, open the ASB Mobile Banking app on your device before clicking “Resend” on your computer. Make sure push notifications are enabled to avoid this from happening.

    Note: If you are unable to approve the login on your mobile device, select Other ways to verify login and then choose Use text message. We will send a code to your phone by text message. Enter this code and click Submit.

  2. Open the notification and check the details in the ASB Mobile Banking app. If everything looks good, tap on Yes it’s me.

    Note: The Location may differ from your actual location depending on factors like your Internet Service Provider or use of VPN services.

  3. You will now be logged in to FastNet Classic internet banking.

    Please remember, if you receive a notification when you're not logging in, tap on No it’s not me. The login attempt will be blocked. Tap on Change password and follow prompts.