How to make a one-off payment using FastNet Classic internet banking

FastNet Classic internet banking provides a quick and convenient way to make one off payments. Download and print the guide to learn how to make a payment with FastNet Classic internet banking.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, download and print the guide.

How to make a one-off payment

  1. Log into FastNet Classic internet banking and select Make a payment.

  2. In the One off Payments screen, select an account to make a payment from.

  3. Enter a valid account number for a one time payment. Or select one of your previously saved payees in the ‘To’ field.
    If you would like to save a new payee’s details, select Pay someone new at the bottom of the drop-down.
    If you have selected 'Pay someone new', enter your new payee account number and payee name. Click Add payee to continue.

  4. Enter the Amount you wish to pay. Add or update the reference Details for the payee and yourself (excluding registered businesses or organisations).
    Tip: Select Copy details to auto-fill your participants.
    Click Pay to continue.

  5. Confirm payment by clicking Yes, confirm.