How to set up an automatic payment using FastNet Classic internet banking

Setting up a regular payment to an individual or business is made simple and easy using FastNet Classic internet banking. Watch the how to video below or download and print the guide to learn how to load an automatic payment with FastNet Classic internet banking.

How to video

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For detailed step-by-step instructions, download and print the guide.

  1. Go to Payments and select Automatic Payment.

  2. Select the Account you want the automatic payment to come from, and then click New Automatic Payment.

  3. Add the Amount for the automatic payment, select the Date for when the automatic payment must start, and select the Frequency.

  4. Add the Name of the Payee and their Account Number.

  5. Enter the reference details for the payee and yourself and select Submit.

  6. Ensure all of the details are correct and select Yes.

  7. Enter the Netcode that will be sent to your Netcode registered phone number to complete the transaction. Select Submit.
    Tip: Payments under $1,000 do not require Netcode.
    If you are not registered for Netcode, see the How to register for Netcode guide.

  8. Success, your payment has been scheduled.