How we help to protect you

Preventing others accessing your accounts

We've been keeping our customers' money and privacy secure for 160 years. Here's how we help you - and your money - to stay safe.

With your help we can make it almost impossible for thieves and frauds to access your ASB accounts online.

Secure passwords

No one can access your internet banking without your log in codes. If they try to guess, we lock them out after three tries.

Log out

Be sure to click 'Log Out' after using online banking. We automatically log you out after a few minutes of inactivity.

Protect your data

We use encrypted web connections so only you and we can see your information.

Control who can access your business accounts

If your business is with ASB, our FastNet Business internet banking lets your chosen employees access your accounts.

Set the right level of access for each person

You can choose who can view and use different accounts and cards. You can also decide the types of things they can do. For example, your accounts payable team can set up payments, but only you can send it. 


FastNet Business remembers every action of every user. You can check the audit log any time to see who has logged on, when, and done what. It can show you unexpected changes to account numbers, extra payments or who has logged in after hours.

Making sure it's really you, with Netcode

1. You confirm an action

It could be a payment, logging in (optional) or changing a PIN.

2. We text you a Netcode

To be sure it's you, we send a code number to your mobile. You can also request a Netcode token.

3. You enter the code

That confirms it's really you, and we execute your request.

Detecting unusual transactions on your account


We automatically check all transactions for suspicious activity. 

Sometimes we might freeze an online payment if it's unusual, or going to a country with a high risk of fraud. 

We'll let you know and check if you're happy for the payment to proceed.

Identifying and outing online frauds

  • We publish details of other fraudulent activity to help keep you informed

How we communicate with you

We might write to you, text you, send an email or, if it's very important, call you.

  • We never send email links to online banking
  • We never ask for your internet banking password, Netcode number or PIN
  • We never claim to have lost your details and need you to resend them

Protecting your credit cards with the ASB Mobile Banking app

If you see suspicious activity on your credit card:

1. Lock it

If you've misplaced your card but are sure it’s somewhere, temporarily lock it.

2. Cancel it

If you're sure it's stolen, cancel it and order a replacement.

3. Change it

Disable or activate international use, payWave, online shopping or ATM withdrawals.

Changing your card PIN number

If you think someone knows your card's PIN, you can change it in FastNet Classic internet banking or on the ASB Mobile app. You can also call us on 0800 803 804 (+64 9 306 3000 from overseas), or visit any ASB branch.

Our Partners, Privacy and Security reviews

Protecting your privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We apply strict security and privacy controls to the ways we handle your personal information, and train all our staff on the importance of never sharing your details with others unless required. 

We use your information to give you the best possible banking experience, to assess your applications and to recommend products and services that are right for you.

Our privacy policy sets out what we do, and what we don't do.

Working with other partners

We're passionate about helping all New Zealanders stay safe online.

We work closely with Netsafe and CERT NZ to raise awareness of online safety and privacy.

Our Cyber Security publication, Signals, aims to empower with unique insights into the cyber threat environment and provide advice to ensure a robust defence.

Contact us

Call us

If you are concerned that there has been a breach in your ASB account security, contact us immediately.

0800 803 804

Suspicious email or SMS message?

Forward any suspicious looking emails to phishing@asb.co.nz.

If you receive a suspicious SMS message please delete it.

If you’re concerned about either an email or SMS you’ve received, call us on 0800 803 804.

Learn how to stay safe with your cyber security How ASB protects your cyber security