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See your ASB Visa card subscriptions in one place, as well as the shops and services where your card details may have been stored. Card Tracker is available now in the ASB Mobile Banking app.

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  • Check your ASB Visa card subscriptions and where your card details may have been stored anytime and anywhere in the ASB Mobile Banking app

  • Monitor spending and identify ongoing services you're paying for and shops storing your card details as a saved payment method

  • Need to replace your ASB Visa card? Find the shops and services where you'll need to update your card information with ease

  • You can keep an eye out for any suspicious or fraudulent transactions on your card

How ASB Card Tracker works

Card Tracker is available for ASB customers who have an ASB Visa Debit or credit card. You can access Card Tracker through the ASB Mobile Banking app.

The feature tracks two types of payments - subscriptions and stored card payments. Card Tracker will show these transactions for the past 13 months.

  • Subscriptions are recurring transactions that are typically made using a saved ASB Visa card, for example a monthly fee for a streaming service or gym membership. 
  • Stored card payments are one-off purchases where your ASB Visa card details may have been stored with a shop or service.  This includes tops ups for services such as pay-as you-go mobile or buy now pay later instalment payments.
  • Card Tracker is a tool that can help you stay on top of your money and provides greater visibility of your spending. You can regularly review recurring transactions, discover subscriptions you may have forgotten about, and help identify suspicious transactions.

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1. Log in

Log in to the ASB Mobile Banking app and tap 'More' in the bottom right-hand corner (the three little dots). Then click 'Cards & devices'.

Choose card

2. Choose card

Choose the ASB Visa card you'd like to see subscriptions and stored card transactions for by clicking on the card number. This will take you through to Card Control.

Select Card Tracker

3. Select Card Tracker

Click on 'Card Tracker' to view one tab with a list of all your subscriptions and another with your stored card detail locations. You can toggle between the tabs by clicking on them.

Questions you might have

What type of cards will be tracked in Card Tracker?

Card Tracker tracks subscriptions (recurring payments) and stored card payments through ASB Visa Debit and credit cards. It is available for both personal and business Visa cardholders.

Why do shops and services store my card details?

Shops and services may have stored Visa Debit or credit card information to improve a customer's experience and make it easier to complete a future purchase. This can be handy for customers especially if it is a shop or service they regularly use, for example online supermarket shopping.

What type of transactions will I see in Card Tracker?

ASB's Card Tracker displays a summary of New Zealand or international merchants that have saved your card details and used the card to process a payment in the last 13 months.

In addition, you'll see the last payment date, which may differ from the date shown in the transaction history. This is due to the payment processing date or whether the provider is overseas or New Zealand-based. You'll only see the most recent payment if you have multiple subscriptions with a single merchant on the same credit card. 

Examples of transactions include:

Casual purchases

When you order from New Zealand or international online shopping sites or use ride-share services, for example, you can decide if you want to save your ASB Visa Debit or credit card data for future purchases. 


ASB Visa Debit or credit card information is held for customers paying in instalments, such as 'buy now, pay later' or purchases paid off over time instead of in one lump sum.


When you sign up for a service that involves a regular payment, such as streaming and music subscriptions, the provider needs to hold your ASB Visa Debit and credit card numbers to charge you. 

Card validity checks

A retailer or service provider may make a small charge to your  card, put a hold on it, and then reverse it once confirming the card's validity. For example, hotels often do this to hold your reservation. 


Your data may be held to process manual or automatic topping up for services, such as public transport cards and mobile phone accounts in New Zealand. Automatic top-ups usually occur on a specific date or if the account balance drops to a certain level.

How do I cancel a subscription or update my card details?

You'll need to phone or email the shop or service provider directly to cancel your subscription (recurring payment), or to update your payment method (card details).

Purchases made using a stored Visa Debit or credit card within the last 13 months will still appear in Card Tracker, even if the retailer has since deleted your stored card details or cancelled the recurring payment. 

Why do I see one-off purchases or instalment payments under the Subscriptions tab in Card Tracker?

Card Tracker displays payments based on transaction data provided by Visa through their network. It is possible a one-off transaction may be inaccurately categorised as a subscription (recurring payment). This is based on the information a merchant provided to Visa, it doesn't mean it will be a recurring payment, and your card will be charged again. If you are concerned, contact the company or service provider to confirm that this is not a recurring payment.

If I have a joint ASB Visa card, will my partner also be able to use Card Tracker?

If you have a joint or supplementary ASB Visa Debit or credit card, you and your partner will only see transactions in Card Tracker that have been made against your individual card numbers.

Why isn't my ASB Visa card showing Card Tracker?

If your ASB Visa card has been reported as lost, stolen or cancelled, you will be unable to view it. You must also have a supported Android device (version 8.0 or above) or iOS device (version 13 or above) with the most up-to-date ASB Mobile Banking app version installed.

Why can't I see all my transactions in Card Tracker?

Card Tracker displays subscriptions (recurring payments) made against your ASB Visa Debit or credit card and transactions made by a shop or service that have this card stored. Direct debits or automatic payments from your account will not appear in Card Tracker as they are not through your ASB Visa card.

A transaction that doesn't meet our confidence criteria may not appear in Card Tracker.

Only companies that are on the Visa Network are displayed. Merchants with a direct payments relationship with ASB will not show in Card Tracker at this stage.

There might be a delay in the transactions appearing in Card Tracker so we recommend you check back the following day. 

What if I don't recognise a name in Card Tracker?

Some shops and service providers may operate under different trading and legal names. A quick web search can reveal the trading name for a business you don't recognise. Some providers also use third parties to process transactions, and it may be the third party's name listed. You can phone or email the shop or service directly to check this.

What should I do if I need to dispute a payment?

If you're not happy with a purchase or it appears something has gone wrong with a transaction, get in touch with the shop or service and ask them to resolve the issue. If you suspect Fraud on your account, please contact us immediately on 0800 272 372.

Once I have cancelled a subscription or removed my card from a store, when will it be removed from Card Tracker?

Card Tracker shows your stored Visa card information from the last 13 months. Once you have not transacted with the subscription, shop or service where your card is saved it will no longer appear within Card Tracker. Subscriptions and saved cards are shown with the most recent at the top. You can also refer to the last payment date which is shown under the merchant name within Card Tracker to see when the payment was last made.

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