Setting up and managing your credit card

Your ASB Visa credit card is an effective money management tool when you set up and manage it using FastNet Classic internet banking and the ASB Mobile app.
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Setting up your credit card

Activating your credit card

So you've got your new ASB credit card, excellent! The first thing you'll need to do is activate it, so you can start using it.
Activating your card is easily done from within your ASB Mobile app or FastNet Classic internet banking.


Managing your credit card limit

Increasing your limit

If you find you're using your credit card frequently for everyday purchases, you may want to give yourself some extra flexibility by applying to increase your limit.

You can apply to increase your limit by calling us on 0800 100 600, or by visiting any ASB branch.

Decreasing your limit

You can also decrease your credit card limit if you want to, down to the minimum limit for the type of card you have. Just be aware that you may not be able to increase it again as limit increases are not always available. You can decrease your limit by calling us on 0800 255 382, or by visiting any ASB Branch.


Managing your card

Control your card with ASB Card Control

With ASB Card Control, you command your card from your mobile phone. So if you’re not sure where your card is, and you’re concerned it may fall into the wrong hands, you can temporarily lock it from your mobile phone, and unlock it again if it turns up in your jacket pocket.

If you have Visa payWave, ASB Card Control lets you turn that on or off too, as you wish.

Card Control has some other great features; if you’re out shopping and want to manage your spending, you could set a spending limit per transaction, and turn off ATM cash withdrawals too! (You can turn them on again at any time). You can turn online transactions on or off too, as it suits you.

Going overseas? You can also turn on or off international in store transactions. And the great thing is all these commands happen instantly and take effect immediately, no waiting and no fuss.

Switch to online statements

You can choose to stop receiving paper credit card statements and view them online in FastNet Classic instead. To do this:

  1. Log into FastNet Classic
  2. Select your card
  3. Select 'online' under 'statements'.

That's it, you're done, no more paper. For more information on statement stopping, check our frequently asked questions.

If you use your statement as a reminder to pay, you can sign up to get alerts via notifications through the ASB Mobile Banking app or via email, to notify you 2 days before your payment is due.


Paying your credit card balance

Manage your credit card online

It's easy to check your balance and pay your account online, with FastNet Classic internet banking. Simply log in, select your card and you'll see your current balance, minimum payment and payment due date. There's a "Make a payment" button right next to each amount.

Paying with your mobile

It's just as easy to pay your credit card with the ASB Mobile app. Select the credit card and tap 'Pay your credit card'. You can choose the minimum amount, the full balance or something in-between. Choose the account to pay from, and we'll take care of the rest.

Other options

To ensure you're making regular payments to your card and avoid late payment fees, you can set up an automatic payment or a direct debit to your credit card account.


Paying your regular utility bills

Telephone, electricity, gas, water, mobile phone bills...They come every month, don't they? You can pay for them automatically with your credit card. That way, you don't worry about missing a payment or incurring late payment fees, and you won’t have to wade through all the bills each month.

Here's how to set and forget:

1. Choose the bills you want to pay automatically from your credit card.

2. Contact each service provider to set up an automatic card payment and give them your ASB credit card details.

3. They'll then charge your credit card account automatically when your payments are due. They may also charge a small fee.

Handy hint

When your credit card expires and we send you a new one, remember to provide your utility suppliers (and/or anyone else you pay with your credit card) with your new credit card number.


Tips for managing your credit card

  • 1. Monitor your spend

    Log in to FastNet Classic or the ASB Mobile app to keep an eye on your credit card transactions and activity. Immediately report any transactions that you believe are not yours.

  • 2. Stay interest free

    Only use your credit card for purchases, and then pay off the entire amount owing by your monthly payment due date. Note that cash advances and dishonoured payments incur interest from the transaction date.

  • 3. Avoid late payment fees

    Set up reminders in your calendar, or through ASB alerts so you'll always know when your payments are due. If you're transferring payments from another bank, do it before the due date.

  • 4.Regular payments

    Set up an automatic payment or direct debit to pay your credit card account automatically. A direct debit  can pay your minimum amount owing or the total balance, or you can pay a fixed monthly amount with an automatic payment.

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