How to make the most of your True Rewards

Having an ASB Visa credit card with True Rewards makes a lot of sense. You'll earn True Rewards dollars every time you use your ASB credit card, and you can use them instantly like 'real' dollars at any of our partner stores.


Maximising your True Rewards

True Rewards will work hard for you, if you:


Earn True Rewards dollars wherever you are in the world

The more you purchase with your card at home in New Zealand or anywhere around the world that accepts Visa, the faster you'll earn True Rewards dollars.

Get into the habit of using your credit card for everyday purchases, like the supermarket shopping and fuel fill-ups, and your True Rewards dollars will build very quickly.

To make the most of your True Rewards earning potential, set up bill payments to pay your regular household bills (such as power, phone or rates) with your credit card.

Also boost your True Rewards balance by using your Visa credit card with Rewards for things, like paying for your overseas holiday or buying a TV, and your True Rewards dollars will really start to climb!

Before you know it, you’ll be deciding how to use your True Rewards dollars, and there are lots of ways you can.


Use your True Rewards card like an EFTPOS card

The True Rewards dollars on your True Rewards card are like cash. You can use them at any of our partner stores, just like you would with an EFTPOS card. Anything you can get in store, you can buy instantly using your True Rewards card.


Redeeming your True Rewards dollars

You can use your True Rewards dollars on everyday, travel and online rewards, exciting!

Everyday True Rewards

Use your True Rewards dollars for everyday rewards; fill up at BP or buy some toys for the kids at Farmers. Get your DIY supplies at Mitre 10, an tablet from Noel Leeming or some cosmetics from Smith and Caughey’s. There are no restrictions on sale items either; you can use your True Rewards dollars to purchase those too, making your True Rewards dollars go even further.

Our partner stores

You’ll find a range of some of New Zealand’s leading retailers offering homeware, jewellery, sports gear, furniture, entertainment, clothing, and much more. Find out more.

See the world with True Rewards

If you’ve always wanted to see Rome, or simply need to get to your cousins wedding in Aussie, you can pay for your travel using your True Rewards dollars.

With House of Travel you can choose any airline, any seat and any destination. You can also book your rental car and accommodation and get the whole package. Ciao!

Book online, in-store or over the phone

If you are able to pay for the full amount of your travel with your True Rewards dollars, you can book it all online, on the House of Travel website.

Split your travel payments

Or, you can split your payment using some of your True Rewards dollars and any other form of accepted payment (such as your ASB Visa credit card with Rewards). If you want to split your payment, you’ll need to do this over the phone or at a House of Travel store.

Shop online with your True Rewards dollars

If it’s easier, or you prefer to shop from home, no problem. You can redeem your True Rewards dollars for everyday products or vouchers, and more, with just a few clicks (or taps).

Check out our online store where you'll find a great range of merchandise, you can also purchase vouchers from a variety of stores, which are ideal as birthday gifts.

KiwiSaver and True Rewards

Use your True Rewards dollars to invest in your future. Did you know you can boost your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account balance with True Rewards dollars? You can transfer your True Rewards dollars to your own ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account, or gift them to someone else, the choice is all yours. Do this regularly and your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account will reap the benefits of those extra contributions. Note that once you do redeem your True Rewards dollars into an ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account, you can't reverse it, and you can only withdraw from your ASB KiwiSaver Scheme account if you meet the early withdrawal or retirement criteria.

Donate your True Rewards dollars to charity

Take a look at True Rewards charity donations. You can donate your True Rewards dollars (TR$) to any of the charities our True Rewards programme supports. Every True Rewards dollar you donate, translates to a NZ dollar, so you are making a real difference. You'll need to donate a minimum of TR$10, and there are a range of worthwhile causes you can support.


Cool facts about True Rewards

Top ups

If you don’t have the full amount of True Rewards dollars to pay for a reward, no problem. You can combine your True Rewards dollars with any other accepted method of payment, such as your ASB Visa credit card and it’s all yours. You are simply making a split payment using two different cards.

Of course, if you do use your Visa credit card to top up your purchase, you’ll earn True Rewards dollars by doing that too!

Bonus rewards

Our True Rewards bonus partner Fine Wine Delivery Co gives you double True Rewards dollars on every purchase. Treat yourself with one of the many options from Fine Wine Delivery Co to boost your True Rewards.

Did you know?

  • 1 True Rewards dollar = 1 New Zealand dollar

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