Keeping your credit card transactions secure

We take your credit card security very seriously and we want to help you ensure that the only transactions charged to your card are the ones you authorise.


Misplaced your card? ASB Card Control puts the power in your hands

There's always a moment of panic when you think you may have lost your credit card and you're concerned it could fall into the wrong hands.

No need to worry if you have ASB Card Control. You can temporarily lock your card from your mobile phone, and unlock it again if it turns up in your jacket pocket.

But if you still can't find it, then you can quickly and easily cancel and replace your card in ASB Card Control.

To use Card Control when you are out and about, you'll need to download the ASB Mobile app to your Apple or Android phone.

If you're at home, don't let your card go overseas

With ASB Card Control you can turn off international transactions. So your card's not shopping in Mexico when you're not.

Card Control also lets you:

  • Set a spending limit on your card.
  • Turn on/off ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Turn on/off Visa payWave transactions.
  • Turn on/off online transactions.

And the great thing is all these commands happen instantly and take effect immediately; no waiting and no fuss.


Lost your credit card? We’ve got it covered

Cancel & Replace

If you have the ASB Mobile app (with ASB Card Control) or FastNet Classic internet banking you can quickly and easily cancel and replace your card using these services. This can be done from within New Zealand or from overseas.

Remember, your new card will have a different card number, so you'll need to change your card details for any automatic payments or direct debits you've set up to pay bills.

If you don't already have the ASB Mobile app, simply download it today to your Apple or Android phone.

Card lost overseas

Worldwide Emergency Assistance 24/7

If you have an emergency and all your cash and card(s) are stolen or lost, contact us as soon as possible on +64 9 306 3000. We'll put you in touch with the Visa Global Assistance office in that country. They’ll organise a replacement card for you and emergency cash if you need it.

You can also go to Visa Global Assistance yourself. Here you'll find the emergency assistance number for the country you are in, and you can make a note of it for when you travel.


Keeping your card purchases secure

Shopping online? Welcome to Visa Secure

We've introduced Visa Secure to make sure that it really is you online shopping with your credit card.

Visa Secure works in conjunction with websites secured with Verified by Visa.

Using Visa Secure, we may ask you to enter an 8 digit number provided via your registered mobile. You don’t need to do anything to set up Visa Secure; it’s already in place to keep your online transactions safe.


Easier, safer payment with Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is a simple and secure way to pay online that takes away all the pain of completing lengthy online purchasing forms

With Visa Checkout, you simply:

  • Create an account with your name, password and username.
  • Add your ASB Visa Card as a favourite method of purchase

  • Look out for the Visa Checkout button when you are shopping online

  • Select the Visa Checkout button to complete your payment.


Looking out for you with card fraud alerts

For peace of mind, our fraud monitoring system reviews all transactions on your ASB Visa card.

If we notice something unusual, we will send you an alert which you can access by clicking the bell icon in FastNet Classic or the ASB Mobile Banking app. This allows you to let us know that the transaction was you, saving time so you can get back to shopping.

We may also send you a text message and push notification to let you know a card fraud alert is waiting. 

We will never send you a text message with a link to log in. If you have received a suspicious message, forward it to phishing@asb.co.nz


Dispute a credit card transaction

If you're not happy with a purchase or something has gone wrong with the transaction, then we recommend you check with the merchant first as they may be able to resolve it.

Remember we can't dispute a transaction until it's billed to your account and is no longer pending. We also can't dispute a transaction on the basis that you've changed your mind and no longer want something that you’ve bought.

Types of disputed transactions

  • You didn't authorise the transaction or you don't recognise the transaction at all.
  • You cancelled your subscription or a membership as per the terms and conditions and you're still being charged.
  • There was an error in the transaction. E.g. you were charged twice or the transaction value was incorrect.
  • You have a dispute with the merchant. E.g. you never received the goods or services you paid for or you received incorrect or defective goods.

If you still need to dispute a transaction please phone our Contact Centre on 0800 803 804 or drop into any ASB Branch to have your dispute lodged. You need to notify us within 30 days of the closing date on your statement (otherwise we may not meet the timeframes for the Visa Disputes process).

If your credit card has been stolen, you can cancel and replace it via the ASB Mobile app or in FastNet Classic internet banking. If you have ASB Card Control in the ASB Mobile app you should block your card immediately if you notice a suspicious or unauthorised transaction.

Fraud and your credit card
If you know or suspect fraudulent use of your ASB credit card, call us immediately on 0800 803 804.

With ASB Visa cards you are covered by the Visa Zero Liability policy, making sure you are not inconvenienced when your card has unauthorised transactions.


Handy security tips for your credit card

  • Avoid sending your credit card number via email.
  • Don't share your PIN number with anyone or let anyone see you entering your PIN number.
  • Always sign your new card immediately and cut up and dispose of the old one.
  • Never use your card in an EFTPOS or ATM terminal that looks like it's been tampered with.
  • If your credit card is stolen you can temporarily lock it through ASB Card Control. If you still can't find it simply cancel and replace it with Card Control.

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