Applying for your credit card

A few tips on some of the things we look at when you apply for a personal credit card.

A credit card gives you access to ongoing credit when you need it, so having one is a good idea. If you are disciplined about paying it off each month, it also makes sense to use it as your preferred method of payment, as you can get up to 55 days interest free on purchases.

If you want a card with rewards you'll earn True Rewards Dollars on your spending too.

If you are applying for a credit card for the first time, it's helpful to know a little about the process and some of the aspects we look at in your application. This isn't a definitive list and as you'd expect, all credit card applications are subject to ASB's lending criteria.


Some of the things we look at

Your identification

If you are not currently an ASB customer, you can apply here for your credit card. If we approve your application, we'll need to see some identification, such as a passport, and proof of your current address; an electricity or any other service/utility bill addressed to you at your address is fine, you'll find our full list of personal identification options here. Please pop into any convenient ASB branch so we can see these. You'll also need to be 18 or over and a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Your ASB bank account

If you are an existing ASB customer, we will need to check you are operating your account(s) as we agreed and within its limits before we issue a credit card. For example, we'll need to see you don’t regularly overdraw your account or exceed your overdraft limit.

Your ability to repay

We’ll need to make sure you're able to comfortably make credit card repayments after all your other monthly expenses are met.

Your credit history

If you've ever bought anything on hire purchase or with a store card, or had another credit card, you will have a credit history. This holds information about your borrowing and repayment history and includes previous loans and credit cards. If you apply for a credit card with ASB, we may check your credit history as part of your application.

Credit report

A credit report is simply a file on your credit history. It’s what we look at as part of your application. You can find out more about credit reports at D&B check your credit.

Existing ASB customers

If you’re an existing ASB customer the easiest way to apply for your card is through FastNet Classic internet banking. The online application process is straight forward, and as an existing customer, you won’t need to come into a branch to verify your identity.

If you are not registered for FastNet Classic, call 0800 FASTNET, or visit any ASB branch.

If you are an ASB customer, but don’t wish to register for FastNet Classic, you can still apply online. We’ll be in contact within two business days with an answer on your application and to clarify any information if necessary.


Other tips

Not yet an ASB customer? No problem.

If you are not yet an ASB customer, we'd like you to become one and you can do so by applying for an ASB credit card.

As you'll have no recent banking history with us, we'll look at your current income and your outgoings as part of your application. We ask for this information on your application, to make sure you can comfortably afford credit card repayments after you’ve met all your existing expenses.

Your credit card limit

Your credit card will have a maximum limit; you can spend up to this amount. Your limit will partly depend on the type of card you apply for. When we set your limit, we might also take into account:

  • Your monthly outgoings/expenses
  • Your monthly income
  • Your credit history
  • Your history with ASB (if any).


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ASB lending criteria, fees and Credit Card Conditions of Use apply.  

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