How do I pay my credit card?

Last Updated: 12 Jul 2022

From an ASB bank account:

  • FastNet Classic internet banking - To pay your credit card, you can use FastNet Classic to make a transfer from one of your accounts to your credit card account.
  • ASB Mobile Banking app - If you’ve got a smartphone and are registered for the ASB Mobile app, you can make a transfer from one of your accounts to your credit card account.

Other ways to pay your credit card:

Automatic payment – You can set up an automatic payment that will transfer a chosen amount from one of your accounts to your credit card weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. This can be done using FastNet Classic or visiting any ASB branch. You can also set-up an automatic payment from an account with another bank. 

When setting up an automatic payment through internet banking please use the following information for payment details:

  • Recipient (Payee) Name: ASB Credit Card
  • Recipient (Payee) Account Number: 12-3116-0987656-020
  • Particulars: The first 12 digits of the credit card number
  • Code: The last 4 digits of the credit card number
  • Reference: Surname + Initials

If you’re setting up an Automatic Payment to pay for your ASB Visa credit card, payments can take up to two working days to appear. To avoid getting charged a late payment fee, set up your Automatic Payment to commence several days before the normal payment due date, and make sure it covers at least the minimum payment due each month too.

Direct debit – You can set up a direct debit that allows you to automatically pay towards your credit card balance on the payment due date each month. It can be set up to pay:

  1. the minimum amount due, 
  2. the total credit card account balance, 
  3. a percentage of your balance, 
  4. or a chosen amount.

You'll need to contact us to set this up from an ASB account, the best way to get in touch with us is by sending a secure message in FastNet Classic and our team will try to reply within the same business day. If you've forgotten your ASB login password, you can reset your password using the ASB Mobile app. Alternatively, you can visit any ASB branch

To set a direct debit up from an account with another bank, you will need to complete this form and return it to us. 

FastPhone – You can make a transfer to your credit card account by calling 0800 272 272.

  • ASB ATM – You can pay at any ASB ATM from your ASB bank account.
  • Cash – You can pay over the counter at an ASB branch.

For more ways to get help please see our contact us page.

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