I don't want my bank statements in the mail. Can I choose to stop receiving them?

Last Updated: 19 Jul 2021

Yes you can. You can choose to stop receiving statements by mail for any ASB transaction or savings account. You will instead receive these statements online. To stop receiving statements in the mail: 

  1. Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking.
  2. Open the menu in the top left of the screen.
  3. On the right-hand side, select 'Documents'.
  4. When the Document Centre page opens, select 'Statement Stopper'.
  5. Select the Online Statement box for any statements you’d like to receive online and not in the mail.

If you decide you’d like to start receiving your statements in the mail again, you can simply deselect the online statement box.

Document Centre is a central place to view and download your paper statements in PDF.  You can even choose to receive an email or TXT message when a new statement arrives.

What if I need statements for tax purposes?

If you have investments or own a small business and require statements for tax purposes, you have three choices.

You can either stop statements and download them in PDF format on a regular basis from FastNet Classic Document Centre, stop statements and order duplicates when you need them (duplicate statements will incur a fee of $5.00 per statement), or continue to receive mailed paper statements.

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