Can I print out my statements from FastNet Classic internet banking?

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2019

Yes.  You can print out any FastNet Classic internet banking information you see on your screen, using your print function.  Look for the printer icon towards the top right of your transaction list. You will need to print out each page individually for statements that extend beyond a single page.  Select the Print Preview function before you print to see the information you are printing.

The Document Centre in FastNet Classic also stores PDF files of your statement, just like the paper statement you may receive in your letterbox.

Why do my statements appear over more than one page?

Statements are viewed in pages.  You can alter the number of transactions you see on a page by using the "Transactions per Page" drop down box in the Statement Account Selection Area.  You can display anything from 10 to 150 transactions per page, but if you don’t wish to manually select a number of transactions, you’ll see 20 transactions per page, any more than that, will default to the next page.

If your statement includes more transactions than the amount you have selected for the time period you have selected, then a Next button will appear; simply click this button to view the next page, or click the Previous button to move back one page.

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