ASB credit card travel insurance

You might already have access to overseas travel insurance if you've got an ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. Find out how to activate it correctly.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Access to a wide range of benefits – from lost luggage to cancelled flights and medical emergencies
  • Emergency assistance that you can call from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Cover for you, your spouse and your dependent children when they're travelling with you
  • Protect your travel plans and get peace of mind when heading overseas

How ASB credit card travel insurance works

You can access up to 90 days travel insurance per overseas return trip on an ASB Visa Platinum Rewards card. And if you're travelling with your spouse or your dependent children, they're included too (as long as all of the terms and conditions are met).

The ASB Visa Platinum Travel Insurance policy provides cover for a wide range of benefits. Here are some examples, but please read the policy wording for full details:

  • Medical and emergency evacuations.
  • Cancellation of your trip due to an unexpected event.
  • Lost or stolen luggage, including luggage delays of 12 hours or more.
  • Accidental death or personal injury.

How to activate your travel insurance

To activate your travel insurance you simply need to pay for at least 50% of your overseas return travel tickets using your ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card. Remember to keep any receipts, emails, bank statements or other proof that you've activated your travel insurance. If you make a claim, we'll need to see this.

You can check activation of your travel insurance or purchase additional cover by visiting www.asbtravel.co.nz.

Here are several other quick and easy ways to activate your travel insurance prior to leaving New Zealand:

  • Use your True Rewards dollars, Airpoints or other frequent flyer points to buy your overseas return travel tickets. If you don't have enough True Rewards dollars or frequent flyer points for the whole amount, you can use another activation method to pay at least 50% of the balance to qualify for cover.
  • Get a cash advance from your ASB Visa Platinum Rewards account and on the same day use these funds to pay for at least 50% of your overseas return travel tickets.
  • Pay for at least 50% of your overseas return travel tickets from your ASB bank account if you're unable to use your ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit card to pay for your tickets, or there's an additional charge for using your credit card (your travel provider must give you written confirmation that your credit card is not acceptable or would incur an additional charge).
  • Travel on return overseas tickets that you've won in a prize draw or competition.

Important information you need to know

  • Pre-existing conditions aren't automatically covered. If you'd like to apply for a pre-existing condition to be covered, please apply at www.asbtravel.co.nz now.
  • There is no cover for any personal items, money or documents that have been mislaid or forgotten, for example left on transport or in a hotel room or other accommodation.
  • For ASB Visa Platinum Rewards cardholders aged 76 and over, you are not eligible for cover under the base policy however can purchase additional cover.
  • There are a number of exclusions which apply to this policy, please see the policy document for details.
  • It's a good idea to check travel advisories when you're travelling overseas. You can check these at safetravel.govt.nz to see how your travel will be affected.

Which company underwrites this policy?

ASB has chosen AIG to underwrite our ASB Visa Platinum Rewards Travel Insurance. This means they'll answer your policy questions and be on hand to help if you call emergency assistance or make a claim.

Get started today

01. Apply

If you haven't already got an ASB Visa Platinum Rewards credit cardapply for one now

02. Understand

Read the applicable travel insurance policy document to get a full understanding of what is and isn't covered and how to make a claim.

03. Activate

To make sure you are covered, you need to activate your ASB Visa Platinum Travel Insurance and keep proof of activation in case you need to claim.  You can check activation online at www.asbtravel.co.nz.

04. Enjoy

If you need to make a claim, request this through the Digital Claim Portal or call AIG Travel on 0800 660 141 or +64 (4) 916 6312.

Contact us

Calling from New Zealand

For enquiries and claims in New Zealand, please call AIG.

0800 660 141

Calling from overseas

If you're overseas and you need emergency or medical assistance, please call AIG Travel.

+64 4 916 6312

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