Top tips and travel essentials

Ready for a holiday? Here are some quick tips for you.


Funding your holiday

Saving for it

Saving up to pay for a dream holiday is a great idea. If you'd like help with saving, check our savings account options. You can even name your savings account to where you want to go, such as 'Fiji holiday', or 'Vancouver trip'. That way, you'll help to keep your savings goal top of mind.


An ASB Personal Loan is an easy way to fund your air fares, accommodation, car rentals and other expenses. Find out more or apply here. ASB FastNet Classic internet banking customers, apply here.

You could also use your ASB credit card to pay for some or all of your travel. ASB Visa Gold cardholders who use their card to pay for at least 50% of their overseas return travel tickets could receive up to 40 days travel insurance, ASB Visa Platinum cardholders who do the same could receive up to 90 days travel insurance.

There are also other ways to activate this cover. Depending on which card you hold, check ASB Visa Platinum.


Before you take-off

Organise travel insurance

It is particularly important to organise travel insurance for yourself. Lost bags, cancelled flights and medical treatment can be expensive and stressful without protection in place.

If you are an ASB Visa Gold or Platinum cardholder and you have activated the travel insurance, you may already be covered for travel insurance under your credit card policy.

ASB Visa Gold Cardholders, check your policy details to see how you can activate your cover. ASB Visa Platinum Cardholders, check your policy details to see how you can activate your cover.


Consider having vaccinations if you are travelling to a country where they are recommended. You can find more information at Holiday Health. If you have any concerns please talk to your doctor.

Sort out your travel money

It could be a good idea to take different methods of payment; foreign cash, an ASB credit card, an ASB Visa Debit and/or a MasterCard® Multi-currency Cash Passport card. They are all useful for different reasons.

Set up automatic bill payments

Set up automatic payments for your regular bills, so you can relax and know they will be paid on time whilst you are away.  Many ASB customers do this in FastNet Classic internet banking.


Travel money

Take some cash

It’s a good idea to take some local currency. Great for taxis, trains, tips, etc. when you arrive. We can help with most currencies.

Use a debit or credit card

A debit card is a good way to keep track of your spending, and you can use it to withdraw money from ATMs. Find out more about an ASB Visa Debit card.

You can use an ASB Visa credit card for purchases; if your card is enrolled for True Rewards, you will also earn True Rewards dollars; our Rewards cards will also earn you True Reward dollars on a variety of purchases such as your hotel stay or on the wonderful mementos of your trip.

If you use your ASB debit or credit card in an overseas ATM, please note that fees will apply for this service. Check here for tips on staying safe when banking while you're away.

Lock in your exchange rate

Consider a MasterCard® Multi-currency Cash Passport card – it’s a prepaid travel money card you can use worldwide to withdraw cash at ATM’s, and to shop online or in-store at participating merchants. Load it with up to 9 different currencies before you go and lock in the exchange rate at the time. Just be aware if you use the card on your travels and then reload it, the current exchange rate at the time you reload will apply.


Safe travelling checklist

  • It’s a good idea to carry your cash and a mix of credit/debit/travel cards in different places.
  • Have an emergency card.
  • For travel information, check out SafeTravel; the official source of advice for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas.
  • If you’re overseas, it’s not always easy to track down Kiwi phone numbers. ASB customers can call our contact centre on +64 9 306 3000 or message us in FastNet Classic internet banking.


Extra travel tips

Managing your money while you are away

ASB customers, if you need to check your balance, you can access FastNet Classic internet banking from anywhere you can get online, (avoid doing this from an internet café if possible for security reasons). Or access ASB Mobile on your smartphone or other web-connected mobile. Be aware of the data roaming charges though.



Cash before you go

It's a good idea to get foreign currency before you head off on your overseas experience so you have cash handy for public transport, tips, snacks and minor purchases when you first arrive.

You'll find a wide range of currencies offered at competitive exchange rates at every ASB Branch. If you're an ASB customer, you can save time and use FastNet Classic internet banking to order foreign cash for pick up within 5 working days from any ASB branch.

Any questions?

Please feel free to call us on 0800 925 566, or pop into any ASB Branch, we would enjoy helping you.

Safe travels!

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