How to make a travel insurance claim

When you need to claim on your travel insurance, you can be confident that we’ll make the whole process as trouble-free as possible. This guide explains what you’ll need to do to get things underway.


Call the Tower Helpline

For assistance during an emergency or if you just want some advice, the best place to start is by calling the Tower Helpline.

So you can get the best level of service, there are different helpline numbers depending on how you arranged your insurance.

Please note: our overseas helpline service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tower Helpline numbers

For serious medical emergencies call +64 985 5000.

Recommended or Budget cover

Visa Gold Rewards card holders

Visa Platinum Rewards card holders

Visa Business Rewards card holders


What to do when you need to claim

If you need to claim, tell Tower Insurance as soon as you practically can. For emergency claims, you should contact Tower immediately.

You’ll need to supply your policy certificate or policy number (if you have it). Please note: if you activated your insurance cover through your ASB Visa Gold Rewards, Visa Platinum Rewards or Visa Business Rewards credit cards, we will need your credit card number.

  • Make sure you keep any supporting documentation (including any police reports) and receipts relating to your claim. You may need to send them to Tower when asked.
  • Fill in a claim form online. Once you’ve completed the claim form, send it back to Tower, either by email travel@tower.co.nz or by post: Tower Insurance, PO Box 90347, Auckland 1142, New Zealand.
  • For serious medical emergencies call +64 985 5000. Tower has a team of doctors and nurses on standby to manage any serious medical claims immediately.  

It’s important to remember that wherever it’s practically possible, all medical claims must be approved by Tower before any treatment is obtained.


Processing your claim

Once you have told Tower about your claim, they:

  • may appoint a medical adviser to look after your claim
  • will acknowledge that they have received your claim
  • Tower may also ask you for further information or assistance to help them to consider your claim

Once your claim has been accepted, Tower will arrange settlement of your claim in line with your policy.


What you need to do

Here are some specific things that you will need to do, depending on the type of claim you are making.

For loss of property

For medical related claims

For legal liability claims


When are claims settled?

We’ll normally settle any claims once you’re back at home. If it’s an urgent case an agent authorised by Tower will settle your claim while you’re still overseas.

Keeping you up to date

To make sure you know how things are progressing with your claim, Tower can keep you updated via text. Simply contact Tower’s claims team on 0800 800 477 to set this up. The type of information you might receive is:

  • details of your claims handler
  • whether your excess has been waived
  • if or when your claim is accepted
  • when final settlement has been made

Make a claim

Recommended or Budget cover

In NZ call free on:

0800 800 477

From overseas call collect on:

+64 985 5000

Visa Gold Rewards card holders

In NZ call free on:

0800 422 280

From overseas call collect on:

+64 9 359 1688

Visa Platinum Rewards card holders

In NZ call free on:

0800 114 117

From overseas call collect on:

+64 9 359 1607

Visa Business Rewards card holders

In NZ call free on:

0800 500 265

From overseas call collect on:

+64 9 369 0540

Other helpful guides

ASB Travel Insurance is underwritten by Tower Insurance Limited. For full details, refer to the relevant travel insurance policy document which is also available on request from any ASB branch or by calling 0800 200 252. The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. Exclusions apply. See further information regarding Tower's financial strength rating.

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