Does ASB support POLi or Account2Account?

Last Updated: 06 May 2021

We take the security and protection of our customer’s internet banking experience and information very seriously.

Using POLi or Account2Account’s payment system requires users to input their username and password to a third party which breaches ASB FastNet Classic’s Terms and Conditions.

We have never endorsed the POLi or Account2Account service, as we are unable to audit their security.

To protect our customers from fraudulent transactions, we may ask users to complete two-step verification if we notice something unusual about their POLi or Account2Account login, or they have not used these third-party payment products in a period of time.

Two step-verification can be completed using one of the three available channels: ASB Mobile Banking app, text message, or physical token.

Learn more about two-step verification.

Alternatively, merchants may offer other methods of payment for you to use such as credit card, Visa Debit or Online EFTPOS.

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