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Businesses that turn over more than $30 million have unique requirements. Our ambition is to empower these businesses to succeed by connecting people, ideas and capital.

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Great reasons to choose us

  • Innovative ideas
  • Market leading service
  • Access to capital through lending and investor networks
  • Strategic conversations
  • Specialist teams to create opportunities for you and your customers

How it works

Specialists in Corporate banking

Market conditions, industry trends, and your business’ life cycle all affect your financing needs. ASB Corporate Banking gives you the ideas and resources to manage those variables.

Access to capital

Every organisation needs capital to meet their strategic growth requirements. We can provide debt funding or assist you to obtain equity funding, or both, and work with you to achieve your optimal capital structure.

Expertise on call

Your Client Director can access the right experts at the right time to add value to your business, and use their expertise and industry insight to help you reach your strategic goals. Of course, ASB also has the full range of products and solutions you’d expect from a Corporate bank.

How can we help your business?

Capital Solutions

We partner with owners, investors and management teams to understand their strategic objectives and align capital to support their ambitions.

Loan Markets

If your business needs capital we can work with you to determine your best funding structure. We can work with local and international institutions to help you form a syndicate of lenders, spreading your risk and reducing your reliance on a single organisation.

Specialist banking solutions

When you need specialist help, we can introduce you to our experts. They can help you to reduce volatility and improve efficiency through currency and interest rate management, transaction banking, expense management systems, customer payments and more.

Industry specialisation

Our specialists each have a deep understanding of a specific industry. They’ve worked in it, they know what drives success, and they can give you relevant practical advice.

International business

Importing or exporting? ASB’s international business experts can give you specialised help to expand your markets, remove complexity and reduce risk, and improve your liquidity.

Moving your business to ASB

Moving your banking to ASB is seamless. Our Transition Team manages the process to minimise disruption for your suppliers and customers. 

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ASB economic updates

Get the latest economic and market insights from our economists. Sign up now for our regular economic and rural reports as well as specialised reports such as the ASB Housing Confidence Survey, ASB Kiwi Dollar Barometer, Regional Economic Scoreboard, and ASB Commodity Price Index.

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