Business partnerships

ASB has partnered with a number of like-minded business organisations, offering you a broader service with greater access to expertise.

Benefits at a glance

  • Create new partnerships and business opportunities
  • Uncover new technology and business thinking
  • Access the latest knowledge and information from professional bodies within New Zealand
  • Connect with new contacts and networks

Keeping you one step ahead four years running

ASB is honoured to be named the New Zealand Bank of the Year 2016 by The Banker Magazine, UK. It’s a privilege to receive this award for the fourth consecutive year, recognising everything we do to get you one step ahead.

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As any business person knows, it pays to be well connected. To help you and your business achieve greater success, we’ve built partnerships with a select group of highly regarded organisations. Their aim is to promote and facilitate New Zealand business, both locally and worldwide. Like us, they’re passionate about what they do, sharing many of our visions and values. 

Our partners

Institute of Directors

We’re the National Partner of the Institute of Directors (IoD). Their role in promoting strong governance and leadership for New Zealand businesses is an essential component of robust, sustainable growth. Our partnership reflects a formal alignment of the values and ambitions of our two market-leading brands joining to make a powerful difference in the business sector. Find out how this is working in practice, by visiting our blog.

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We’ve an ongoing commitment to business owners and financial advisors to be the bank that works best with Xero’s innovative accounting software. ASB’s relationship with Xero goes back to 2006, when we were the first bank to provide the essential automatic account feeds that made Xero feasible for small businesses. We’re proud of our long history together, and have continued to collaborate in streamlining business finances, making it easier and simpler for customers to do business.

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We're proud to be the Global Banking Partner for Kea, a global community that helps New Zealanders and their businesses connect with successful Kiwis living and working overseas. With a membership of 600,000, Kea can be a huge helping hand for Kiwi businesses looking to make their mark around the world. To see how our partnership has helped turn business ambitions into success on the world stage, read our blog.

Read more about our partners in the ASB business blog.

Dairy Women's Network

We've been a proud gold partner of the Dairy Women's Network since 2013. The Dairy Women’s Network’s objective is to expand the potential of women in the dairy industry by providing leadership, inspiration, learning and connection. Our partnership with the Dairy Women’s Network involves sharing financial expertise and building on the financial literacy of women in farming, to help maximise their potential in business.

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Since 2013, we've sponsored Co.OfWomen – a business support organisation led and developed by successful entrepreneurs. With thousands of women in their community, it is a hub where women in business can network, share ideas and find practical support and learning programmes. Through our association, we’ve also developed a unique package to support the success of entrepreneurial women - the only bank in New Zealand to do so.

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Food and Grocery Council (FGC)

By partnering with FGC since 2014, we’ve been able to develop specialised  products and services to support businesses involved in food and beverage manufacturing in New Zealand. The FGC is at the forefront of dealing with any matters that affect the industry including food legislation, trade practices, and environmental issues via a range of stakeholders including government bodies, FMCG and NGOs.

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Ranqx's simple intuitive financial dashboard lets you anonymously benchmark customer experiences and financial performance within specific industries. It offers tools for both business owners and accountants and lets you compare and track performance against your peers. We've been in partnership with Ranqx since 2015.

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We stand behind initiatives that enable Kiwi businesses to grow and achieve their ambitions. So in April 2016, we were delighted to partner with Figure.NZ, a start-up that aims to empower New Zealanders, by enabling them to make sense of data.

The first collaboration between ASB and Figure.NZ is Business Figures - a tool for quickly obtaining business-specific data to help guide business decisions.

Because Figure.NZ’s main focus is to democratise data, access is free. Therefore it relies on partners like ASB, and customers who publish their data for support.

Read more about our partners in the ASB business blog.

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