Loan Markets

If your business needs significant capital, our Loan Markets team can help. We arrange combined loans with other major lenders to give you the best possible finance structure.

Benefits at a glance

  • A dedicated team with broad experience arranging and leading complex loan transactions
  • First class deal execution and continued support
  • Access to offshore loan markets through Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • We connect people across industries and from different lending institutions

Is it right for your business?

Our Loan Markets team helps large organisations to fund growth through borrowing. They can help you form a syndicate of lenders, spreading your funding sources and limiting your reliance on a single organisation.

How it works

  • We can suggest ways to structure and allocate your debt for maximum efficiency
  • We pull together the best local and international sources of lending, including ASB
  • We manage the loan negotiation and execution
  • By optimising your loan structure, we help you reduce your reliance on one supplier and maintain a competitive environment

Can we help your business?

Callum Harper

Director of Loan Markets

ASB's terms and conditions and lending criteria apply.