As you start making, saving and spending more money, learning how to manage it can keep you on the right track.

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Take control of your banking

The ASB Mobile Banking app makes banking on the go so easy by putting everything at your fingertips. Whether it's logging on with your fingerprint, using Pay to Mobile to pay friends on the spot or opening a new savings account instantly, you're on top of your money wherever you are. We've got 5 handy tips for ASB Mobile that you might not know. 

Bank online with internet banking, which is full of additional features and tools that help you stay in control whenever, wherever. Set up alerts, use Spend Tracker and more.

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ASB Mobile app Internet banking

Get savvy with saving

Why save money? From concerts to new shoes, we all save to get the things we want. And we at ASB are here to help you become a better saver. With just a few clever tips and tools, you can learn how to reach your goals sooner.

Having a separate spending and savings account will mean you don't eat into your savings while you spend. And getting into the habit of saving 'little and often' with tools like Save the Change will help you save money without even having to think about it. Spend a moment to discover our savings tips and tools.

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Don't let the internet get the better of you

Shopping online is awesome. But we know things can go wrong sometimes. So we've put together some things to consider before you commit to buying something on the internet or on your phone.

Our ASB Visa Debit card, the EFTPOS upgrade, allows you to use PayWave in shops and also buy stuff online - all using your own money. We have Card Control features that can help you keep your card and money safe.

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Your first part-time job

Having a part time job is great. Besides earning your own money, think of all that work experience you'll be able to add to your CV!

There are a couple of things you will need to consider when you start a new job.

  1. You'll have to get an IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number
  2. And think about whether you want to opt in to KiwiSaver.

If you're under 18, be sure to chat to mum and dad, or your guardian, about setting all this up.

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Teen money tips

Natalie (15 years)

"I never share my personal details or account information with anyone. This is a good way to protect my money, so that nobody can access my account."

Charlie (15 years)

"I like that you can set a PIN/passcode to enter the app. And it’s super easy to transfer money."

Jess (17 years)

"Save money by making your coffee at home. $3-$5 per coffee can add up quickly. By having your morning coffee at home, you’ll save about $100 every month. That’s $1,200 a year!"

Vernon (16 years)

"I like that I can check my balance and that I get alerts. This gives me a good reminder of how much money I have left to spend."

Izy (16 years) & Malia (15 years)

"Our savings tip is you shop with your eyes first, and then only get what you actually need...or just not to go to the store at all and avoid the temptation."

Christy (16 years)

"I check with mates before buying stuff online. And see if the site is secure. Don't want to get scammed!"

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