5 handy ASB Mobile tips you might not know

09 April 2018 / Published in Your Money

Even if you’re constantly checking your balance on ASB Mobile, you might not know about these 5 handy features that can help you save time.

1.       Share your account number. Does someone owe you money for lunch? Easily share your bank account number with friends and family straight from ASB Mobile. Just select the account and tap the Share icon on the top right. This copies the account number so you can simply paste it into your favourite messaging app.

2.       Edit automatic payments (APs). This recently released feature means you can now edit your APs in ASB Mobile. Go to Payments > Upcoming Payments and tap on the automatic payment you want to edit. Then tap on Edit in the top right corner and you’re good to go.

3.       Hide that savings account.  Keep temptation at bay by choosing to hide selected accounts when you are using ASB Mobile. Maybe there is a savings account you don't want to touch? Just log into FastNet Classic and click on your name in the top right hand corner and choose ‘Hide or Show accounts’ from the list. Just remember to check your statements and other account information to make sure the transactions are correct.

4.       See your upcoming payments. Keep on top of your scheduled bill payments and automatic payments by checking  Payments > View Upcoming Payments to see a snapshot of your future payments, grouped by date or account.

5.       New phone, who dis? If you have a new phone, you may need to de-register your past devices from within FastNet Classic. Up to 5 devices are allowed to be registered for ASB Mobile. Pop into FastNet Classic and go to Mobile Banking to update your registered devices.

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