I'm in FastNet Business, can I make IRD payments?

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2016

Yes. With FastNet Business, you can set up tax and other payments to pay Inland Revenue, either immediately, or automatically on a future date. Once processed, payments to Inland Revenue cannot be reversed.

Payments are processed Monday to Friday with the exception of public holidays. You can make same day payments during ASB's normal processing hours. Outside these hours, you won’t be able to select today’s date.

Please ensure that your IRD payment is fully authorised, scheduled for payment on or before its due date and that the withdrawal account has sufficient funds on the scheduled date to cover the payment. For information on due dates, see www.ird.govt.nz.

To create a new IRD Payment:

  1. On the FastNet Business tab bar, click Transactional Banking, then below this, click Payments and on the left-menu, click IRD Payment.
  2. Complete all mandatory fields.
  3. Once you click on 'Save and Authorise’ you will be transferred to the ‘Authorise Payments’ page.
  4. Make sure you complete the User ID and password fields, once entered select the ‘Authorise Payments’ button. If you need more than one authoriser or remote authoriser(s), follow these instructions.
  5. Once you have authorized the payment, send the payment from the screen prompt or Unsent payments list.
  6. Confirmation and status of your payment is displayed in the Sent Payments page.

I can’t find the payment I’m looking for. What’s happened?

All IRD Payments can be viewed once Authorised and Sent in the Sent payments screen

Check the Unsent Payments screen if not found or

  • It may have been deleted by someone
  • Not be visible because you do not have permission and/or the relevant level of account access. In this instance, see your FastNet Business Administrator.

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