Can I make automatic payments in FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 10 Jun 2019


FastNet Business allows you to view and modify existing automatic payments and create new ones.

You can use this feature to set up recurring payments (weekly, fortnightly etc.) to any standard bank account in New Zealand.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account, as fees may be charged on dishonoured payments.

To set up an automatic payment:

Before you begin, display the Automatic Payments page. To do this:

  • On the FastNet Business tab bar, click Transactional Banking. 

  • Below the tab bar, click Payments. 

  • On the left-menu click Automatic Payment.

  1. On the Automatic Payments page, click Add.

  2. Select the relevant account from which funds will be deducted.

  3. Complete the remaining fields and select the relevant frequency.

    If you want the automatic payment to recur indefinitely, leave the Final Amount and Final Date fields empty. If you want the payments to stop on a particular day, complete the Final Date field. If you want the final amount to differ from the regular amount, complete the Final Amount field.

  4. Click OK. The Automatic Payment Confirmation screen displays the payment's details to save and authorise.

  5. A) Click Save and Authorise
        1. This takes you automatically to the Authorisation screen, within Unsent Payments, where you are able to authorise this automatic payment.

    B) Click Save
        1. Navigate to the Unsent Payment page on the left hand menu
        2. All automatic payments waiting for authorisation will be displayed here along with all the other payment types. The status will be ‘In progress’

  6. To authorise automatic payments select one, or more, of the check boxes displayed. Complete all relevant User ID, password and Netcode fields. Click Authorise payments. A message will display confirming the automatic payment was successfully created.

  7. Once an automatic payment is authorised it will display as Sent in the queue until the end of the day. It will also be visible in Sent Payment queue, as well as back on the Automatic Payment page.

Note: New automatic payment requests must be fully authorised before 8pm on the day of payment. If this does not happen, the request will expire and must be deleted and recreated from the main Automatic Payment page.

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