How do I import a Direct Credit bulk payment file from Xero to FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 13 Nov 2023

On 16 November 2023, Xero removed their direct payment link feature. 

If you are a Xero customer who previously set up payments this way, you can follow these steps to create and export (download) a payment file in Xero, then import (upload) directly into FastNet Business for approval.

This change does not impact ASB account transaction feeds to Xero. 

To create a payment file in Xero:

Visit the Pay multiple bills article on Xero Central for the steps to create a payment file.

From the Xero Batch Payment page, you can choose to export (download) the batch file.

Ensure that the file's due date is today or up to 60 days in the future. To import an ASB formatted file, the file's withdrawal account must be an account that you have access to.

For support creating a payment file in Xero, please check out Xero Central or raise a case to Xero Support.

Next, display the Import Files page in FastNet Business:

Once you've downloaded the payment file from Xero, you don't need to open it. Simply upload it into FastNet Business.

Log in to FastNet Business and display the Import Files page. To do this:

1. On the FastNet Business tab bar, click Transactional Banking 

2. Below the tab bar, click Import/Export Files 

3. On the left-menu, click Import Files

To Import a Direct Credit File in FastNet Business:

1. On the Import Files page, select the Direct Credit option, then click OK. 

• Result: The 'Import Direct Credit File' page is displayed. 

2.  Click Choose File.

3. Locate the relevant file, then click Open. 

• Result: The Choose File window is closed and the file path of the file is displayed in the Path and Filename field.

4. Click Import. 

• Result: The file is imported successfully and its details are displayed.

5. Click Save & Exit. 

• Result: The Import Files page is displayed; ready to import another file.

• Next step: From the Unsent Payment page, review and approve the payment. 

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