How do I set up an accounting package from FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 11 Feb 2016

FastNet Business enables you to set up daily automated transaction feeds to your accounting software package (such as Xero and MYOB). Please note this function can only be completed by a FastNet Business administrator. 

You can set up automatic transaction feeds from the following types of accounts:

  • Transaction and savings accounts 
  • Business and personal loans
  • Term deposits
  • Credit cards 
  • Foreign currency accounts

You can choose the date to start the transaction feed. This can be up to 12 months in the past, enabling you to include transactions from the start of your financial year.

Note: At present, you can only set up transactions feeds to Xero & MYOB. We expect to add support for other third party accounting software packages in the near future.

Below are the instructions on how to set up your daily automated transactions feeds:

- Xero


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