How do I set up an MYOB bank feed from FastNet Classic?

Last Updated: 16 Feb 2018
Our account feeds can send your ASB transactions to MYOB every day, automatically. If you use FastNet Classic internet banking, here's how to set them up online. (We also provide transaction feeds for Xero.)
Before you start 

The first step is to set up your ASB accounts in MYOB. Then you'll be able to choose them as the destination for your daily transactions. 

It's easy to do. For details, see MYOB's help article on setting up new accounts. In their process, MYOB gives you an eight digit number. Take a note of it, as you'll need it to complete your set up in FastNet Classic.

Activating your feeds 

Once you've logged in to FastNet Classic:

1. Select your name in the top right corner.

2. Then select 'Accounting Set Up' from the drop down menu.


3. Choose 'MYOB' from the pull down menu.

4. Enter your eight digit MYOB code.

A list of all your ASB accounts will appear. 

5. Tick the ones you want to update in MYOB. There's no cost for adding accounts, and you can turn off your feeds at any time. 

6. You can back date your account feeds. The default is 1 April, which for most businesses is the start of the financial year.

7. When you've made your selections, confirm you're happy for us to send your information to MYOB, and click OK. 


MYOB will then complete the set up at their end, and email you when your bank feeds are ready. Then you can link the bank feeds in AccountRight, and you're done. 


If you've run into any issues on the ASB side, just give our FastNet Business help desk a call on 0800 22 55 27. If you have any MYOB issues, it's best to contact them directly via their support page


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