How do I send statement feeds through to MYOB from FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2016

If you use MYOB, you can set up automatic bank feeds of your transaction history direct from FastNet Business to your MYOB software.

To set up your MYOB feed:

 - Log into FastNet Business

 - Go into the Administration section

 - Click on ‘Client’ from the second level menu

 - Click on ‘Accounting Set Up’ from the left hand side menu


From the Account Set Up Page, use the ‘Accounting software’ drop down box to select either Xero or MYOB.

Once your preferred account software is selected you will see a list of all your ASB accounts

 - Select the accounts you wish to send daily transaction feeds for by clicking the ‘Trasnsaction feed’ tick box


 - Tick the confirmation of ASB Terms and Conditions

 - Click Next


A pop up confirmation message should appear.

For further assistance with your MYOB software, please contact MYOB directly.  We are unable to help support MYOB software.

Within Xero, match the accounts your have selected from FastNet Business by selecting the account(s) in the ‘match to account in xero’ column.  These accounts when connected will get a green ‘connected’ status on the Xero side and the customer can select ‘connect’ when it is enabled.  

Please note we are unable to assist with any help within Xero.  If you require further assistance please contact Xero directly.

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