I’m trying to make a payment, but I haven’t received my Netcode, what now?

Last Updated: 05 Dec 2014

If you’re making a payment and you haven’t received a Netcode on your phone by text, it may be because:

  1.  Your mobile coverage is poor where you are, so please check your signal.  Unfortunately your mobile providers’ signal coverage is out of our control.

  2. The phone number you are using is not set up to receive Netcode. Please check you are using the phone number (sim card) you provided to ASB for Netcode.

  3. You are overseas, and may need to set up roaming on your phone with your mobile service provider. Please note, we can’t guarantee Netcode delivery by text when you are overseas.

     If your mobile coverage is ok, you are using the right phone number, and you’ve set up roaming (if overseas) and you are still not receiving Netcode, then please call our contact centre on 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863) from within New Zealand, or on + 64 9 306 3000 if you are overseas, and we'll be happy to help resolve the issue.

    We’ll need to ask you a few questions to check you are you, and we’ll make sure your phone is registered for Netcode.  If necessary, we can release your online payment with your authorisation.

    Please note however, for security reasons, we can’t release International Money Transfers.

    Should you need to make a payment and you don’t have your mobile phone (or a Netcode token), you’ll need to call us on 0800 FASTNET (0800 327 863) from within New Zealand, or on + 64 306 3000 from overseas.

    If you have a Netcode token, it should work just fine overseas.  Find out more about how Netcode works, here.

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