How do I know my FastNet Classic internet banking is safe?

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2019

ASB's online services all come with security features aligned with good practice. FastNet Classic internet banking has several layers of security to keep your information and accounts safe.

To log in to FastNet Classic internet banking, you'll need to provide your unique username and password. Five incorrect attempts to log in will result in a lock out. You may be verified with the reCAPTCHA security feature during this process. These measures are in place to prevent other people guessing or compromising your account.

You'll also be able to see the time and date of your last log in. This way you'll know that no one else has accessed your account.

FastNet Classic security monitoring and software uses strong encryption, which scrambles information passed between you and ASB before it travels over the internet.

FastNet Classic also holds an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate. It's a badge of authentication and means that if you're using a modern browser, your address bar will show a padlock next to its URL when you visit FastNet Classic. This makes it easy for you to be sure you're on the genuine ASB website.

FastNet Classic also has a second level of security called Netcode. Netcode provides a way to double-check that it's really you making certain online transactions from your accounts. It's a randomly created code, a bit like a temporary PIN, that we text you. Use Netcode for extra security when logging in to FastNet Classic internet banking, authenticating a payment or transferring money overseas.

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