How do I authorise an IRD Payment via FastNet Business?

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2016

To authorise a payment that requires two signatories, use the process below. If the account requires one signatory, then only one approver will be required to authorise the payment.

1. Once you save a payment, you can start the authorisation process by selecting the Save and Authorise button on the IRD Payment Details page or selecting Authorise for the IRD payment from the Unsent Payments page.

2. On the Authorise Payments page, enter your user ID and password and select the Authorise payments button.

Note: If the account requires one approver only and you have Send permission, the user will see the option to send the payment - go to step 5.

*Release Update 12th April 2016 – Administrators will have two new permissions, Copy and Send, to help control what users can do with IRD Payments.  Existing users who have the Create permission have been automatically granted the new Copy permissions. Existing users who have the Authorise permission have been automatically granted the new Send permission. Administrators can update these permissions in User Profiles


3. You will then be taken to the Unsent Payments page, where you will see a success message and you will see the payment created is displayed in the Unsent payments table with a status of 1 of 2 authorised


From here you can now take one of these actions:

- If the second authoriser is available they can enter their details to approve

- If the second authoriser is not available, you can send an email notification that they can log in from another location and approve the payment

4. If the second authoriser logs in they can navigate to the Authorise Payments page by:

- Going to the Unsent Payments page

- Selecting the IRD payment

- Selecting the Authorise button


5. The user enters their user ID and password and selects the Authorise button, they will see the option to Send payment.


6. Once the Send payment button is selected the user will see a confirmation message advising the payment has been sent.


7. If the user selects the Sent Payments link either in the success message or the left hand menu option, they will see one of the following payment statuses in the status column:

  • Fully processed
  • Processing failed
  • ASB processing
  • Awaiting processing (future dated)

Please note: Any future dated payment will appear at the top of the payment table under the Future dated payments area.


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