How do I set up my own payees in FastNet Classic?

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2022

We call these self-selected payees. Here's how to set them up for payment:

  • Log in to FastNet Classic.
  • Open 'Payments' in the menu.
  • Select ‘Bill payment’.
  • Select an account to work with from your account list. 
  • Select ‘New Bill Payment Payee’.
  • Select ‘Add Self Selected Payee’.
  • Enter the payee’s name and account number, the details to appear on your bill payee's statement and on your statement.
  • Select ‘Submit’.

Once the bill payee has been set up, you can choose which of your accounts you wish to pay from, the amount you wish to pay and when you want to pay, up to 12 months in advance (excluding non-working days).

You can also set up self-selected payees when you are making a one-off payment. Enter the payee account number and then select 'Add a new payee'. You will then have this new payee available the next time you make a payment.

  • Log in to FastNet Classic.
  • Select 'Make a payment'.
  • Select 'One-off payment'.
  • Enter your payee’s account number in the ‘To’ field and select 'Add a new payee’.
  • Enter the payee’s name.
  • Select ‘Add payee’.
  • Enter the particulars, code and reference details to appear on your payee's statement and on your statement.
  • Select ‘Pay’.
  • Complete the payee set up and payment by selecting 'Yes, confirm' when you are sure you have provided the right details.

Your payee will be saved and your payment will be made at the same time.

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