How do I set up a Bill Payment to a Pre-Assigned payee?

Last Updated: 16 May 2018

To set up a payment to a bill payee who has already registered their details with ASB:

  1. Log In to FastNet Classic.
  2. Select Bill Payments from the Payments menu.
  3. Select the account you wish the Bill Payment to come from, from your drop down menu. 
  4. Select New Bill Payment Payee and enter the name of the company you wish to pay in the search field on the New Payee screen.
  5. Select Search.
  6. A list of companies that match your search will be displayed.
  7. If your payee company is listed, click on the name.
  8. Their details will be displayed on the New Payee screen.

What information do I need to put in the Particulars, Code and Reference Fields?

  • For Pre-Assigned payees, you will probably need to enter specific information in the Particulars, Code and Reference fields. 
  • Hover your mouse over the field, and a box will appear explaining what you need to enter (eg ‘your account number, found in the top right hand corner of your statement’). You may not always have to enter information into all three fields, this depends on your pre-assigned payees' requirements. 
  • Once completed, enter the details to appear on your statement, so you know what the payment is for.
  • Enter your FastNet Classic Password and Select Submit.

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